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10 best free HTML5 Templates

10 best free HTML5 Templates 4

30 Nov 10 best free HTML5 Templates

If a website is disorganized, confusing, hard to read or just plain ugly, chances are, you’re going to move on. And – if this poorly designed website is yours – guess what? You just lost a potential client.

Thankfully, when designing a website, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are literally thousands of HTML5 templates available on the Internet. Some are free; some are not. So here is the 10 best free HTML5 Templates . Some are easy to work with; others – well, not so much.

With so many free HTML5 templates from which to choose, how do you know which one is right?

First and foremost, your new template should be free of bugs and easy to customize. That means your template should come from a reputable source.

In addition to working well, your template should match your personality and fit your site. If you’re a photographer, and you want to showcase your work, look for an appropriate template – perhaps one with a nice image gallery option.

Ultra-Modern Free responsive Design Agency Theme: This freebie offers responsive design and works best for those who wish to showcase their work. Its vibrant, modern look includes parallax effects, large buttons and an emphasis on topography.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 1

Free HTML5 Theme With Modern Streak to Revert Design Studio Site: Looking for something a little less vibrant? This minimalist design features blurred images, negative space and ghost buttons.

 10 best free HTML5 Templates 2

Modern Vintage Twist in free HTML5 Theme for Exterior Design Website: One of my favorite templates from Template Monster is this retro and responsive design. It offers natural colors, blurred images and hexagon shapes.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 3

Spacial: This minimalistic and spacious design offers a large cover image, parallax effects and crisp, clean font. Perfect for the blogger.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 4

Ion: Another responsive, minimalistic design, Ion offers additional options such as a right or left sidebar. The beauty of this design is in its subtly.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 5

Alpha: This template offers a clean layout, hover effect, ghost buttons and more. If a simple, easy-to-navigate website design is what you’re after, this one if absolutely one you shouldn’t pass up.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 6

Strongly Typed: Dropdown menus, sidebars, large buttons, icons and more. Strongly Typed offers the frequent blogger one heck of a design. While I wouldn’t consider this to be my favorite, it is definitely on the top-ten.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 7

Strata: Strata was one of the first templates I discovered on HTML5 UP. It offers a stationary left sidebar, parallax effects and lightbox. This template would be great for a photographer or other creative looking to showcase their work.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 8

Highlights: Our first single-pager in the group, Highlights offers a simple, responsive design. Not only does it look great, but it functions well too. Scrolling is smooth and the background transitions are simply fantastic.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 9

Halcyonic: With five unique page layouts, the Halcynoic responsive HTML5 + CSS template feels like the workhorse of the bunch. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find a layout that works for you. The color scheme is easy on the eyes, yet bold; and the slight texture works well.

10 best free HTML5 Templates 10

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