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10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 1

09 Oct 10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free

There are so many great reasons to take the time to learn a new language. Unfortunately, many of the well-known resources for learning to speak or read a new language cost way is too much. This doesn’t mean that learning a new language, improving language skills, or developing a stronger cultural understanding is impossible.

There are definitely ways in which all of these things can be done for free. Not convinced? Check out these free resources for learning to speak a new language.So here is the 10 Educational Sites to teach you Languages Free

  1. Babbel:Babbel.comis a website that offers visitors the opportunity to learn several languages for free. These include Portuguese, English, German, and Russian, among many others. Babbel is extremely friendly for mobile users, and it provides a very practical benefit by including teaching methods that allow consumers to begin learning to speak the language right away.This feature is especially useful for those who want or need to apply their new language abilities in practical situations.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 1

  1. Education: Not every free languageeducation website is intended to meet the needs of those who have absolutely no familiarity with a particular language.Some websites, like bestessay.education, are a great resource for college students whose native language is not English. Bestessay.education serves students who are bright and talented, and who have established a significant mastery of the English language but need some additional polish on their writing assignments.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 2

  1. Busuu.com: Busuu is a social learning website where users register, select a language that they wish to learn, and then begin their lessons.People who use Busuu can interact and socialize with one another and native speakers as a way to practice and test out the skills that they have picked up. This is a good option for those who learn best via social experience.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 3

  1. Livemocha.com: This is another free language learning website that leverages social interaction as a means to help people learn languages for free. If you joinLivemocha.com, you can take language lessons, have conversations with native speakers, and get great information from the many blog posts published to this website.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 4

  1. British Broadcasting Company: If you have ever wanted to quickly develop practical foreign language skills, you can accomplish this through the British Broadcasting Company’s language pages. The pages that are featured here are now static and no longer updated, but don’t let that scare you away. You can still access interactive learning experiences that give you the opportunity to learn over thirty languages. Do you know somebody who is planning a vacation in the near future, and who might benefit from developing somelanguage skills that will allow them to order food, reserve a hotel room, or simply introduce themselves to others? You could do a big favor for them by sharing this post.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 5

  1. Duolingo.com: Duolingo combines free, socially driven language learning withmore traditional and measurable teaching methods. As with similar websites, those using Duolingo take various lessons where they work on their own to develop language skills.These self-paced classes are great for anybody who wants language immersion without immediate instruction. However, for those who do crave feedback and instruction, there are many teachers who will gladly provide feedback and progress reports. If you enjoy a challenge, try to keep your streaks going and earn as many hearts as you possibly can.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 6

  1. LearnLanguage.com: This website delivers the curriculum provided by visual link languages in a way that makes learning a new language both fun and practical. This website allows you to learn through a slightly different interactive experience. You can select the language that you want to learn and you will be immediately immersed into a variety of language learning oppurtunities that utilize visuals as well as videos.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 7

  1. Byki.com: If you are a fan of the focused learning experience that is created by flash cards, you will LoveByki.com. There is both a free and a premium option, but those who wish to learn a new language for free will certainly enjoy the languages lessons that are provided to them via Byki. This is a great site for those who want to interact with their chosen language site via a mobile or touch screen enabled device.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 8

  1. OpenCulture.com: If you are interested in learning more than just a language for free, this is the perfect website for you. This website is as dedicated to cultural education as it is to language-based education. This means that students who take the classes can learn languages while enjoying animmersion experience.If you love the idea of learning a new language, learning about a new culture, or possibly all three at once, openculture.com is a fun and youth-oriented place to begin to learn.

10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 9

  1. Hinative.com: Picture this, you aregoing on a business tripand want to impress your boss. Or, you are preparing to go on a personal vacation to a place where you only barely know the language. You want to learn the language, but you only want to receive assistance from natives. Imagine being able to ask a native speaker directly how to pronounce something, or asking them about whether or not a translation is correct.10 Educational Sites to teach You Languages Free 10


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