11 tricks to create an attractive website wonderful
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11 tricks to create an attractive website wonderful


22 Sep 11 tricks to create an attractive website wonderful

11 tricks to create an attractive website wonderful

A website wants to attract viewers and keep their attention to attractive and easy to use. This sounds simple, but in reality, we are faced with a bad website design with content not creation.


Principles for creating a website or simple. Generally, if the purpose of the website is to communicate, the key factors that should be considered the most is that the orientation and content presentation so ingenious.
After you have identified the use of the website, apply the following basic tips to create a user-friendly web site.

Simple in design

This is the most important principle when design web site. The design must invest effort to thinking and planning if you want to make the site easier to understand for users.

If users have trouble signing in and using the web site, they will not have the patience to keep track of its contents. A similar case would happen if the contact and ordering unfavorable. A little investigation section of what visitors wanted whenever click on web site will bring satisfaction to them.

Create explicit links
An important contributing factor in making the site easy to use is to be clear links. If you use pictures and symbols in the links, they must remember to make headlines explained in words. This may sound boring but the truth is that people use your site never want to waste time trying to guess what he would sit somewhere next visit.

The link should also be designed so that it’s easy to look. Do not let the guests fall into a “dizzy” when searching them. Often these links are located at the top of the site or horizontally on the left.

Orientation transparency

Always ensure that users know them “where” by providing orientation symbols or map on every page. Similarly, try to arrange so that all information can be found without having to click more than 3 times. All are intended to help users search and use your web site easier.

Giving guidance for users

Web users often want to know what you expect from them. If you want them to order, register for a newsletter or simply contact you, please instruct them how.
Give users what they need!

Your homepage should include sufficient information on the web site to facilitate the users to easily find what they need. Nothing makes users uncomfortable rather than having to click to every hand just to find things that your site does not have!

Content clear, attractive and valuable is extremely necessary for the success of a web site. Grammatically sloppy, messy language will destroy the professional image that you are trying to create. If self-aware that he was not a gifted writer or do not have time to perform careful, be remedied by hiring a freelance writer to do it for you.

To minimize download time

The big picture, colorful animation and complex paintings, trouble need more time to download. Be careful in the use of alarm signals also download regardless frequent users. Whether they are the experts on the latest advanced technology or not? All flash technology will not be impressed with the user if you make them impatient to wait so long to be able to access the site.

Use images with a moderate amount

Image is extremely important part in the creation of an attractive web site. However, if used too much, they will overshadow the content and also makes access slower pace. Therefore please use the image as an additional method and adding value to content rather than to use them to replace the information.

One thing you should remember: although the tail JEPG image is better but more GIF likely to download.
Avoid unnecessary registration form

This is particularly suited to e-commerce sites, but its usefulness is suitable for all. The registration form complex will impede the process of ordering and making visitors uncomfortable to fill in the details that they think are unnecessary. In this case, each click corresponds to a lost customer!


Use color way in moderation while web site design. Too many colors will make the site look disjointed and too flashy. Only 2 or 3 color combination is enough to make an impression. Similar situation also occurs with the font or background color. Often too flashy background will make more difficult to read letters, such as light blue background with yellow text combination or black with bright green letters are almost illegible. (Do not laugh, have had the web site with the colored background so already).

These different browsers support different fonts. Thus, unusual fonts that you are beautiful on their web site could become complicated fonts can not be read on the screen of the user.

However, this situation is slowly be overcome. There is a number of fonts (gọi is font “real destination”) được made to suit every browser chứa most typical is Times New Roman, Ariel, Helvetica and Verdana (this font beige special website design for the web site).

When you also need to design more “white space” in the web site. These gaps would facilitate the users eyes rested for a moment and so that they can concentrate fully on the other separate part of the page.

Follow these simple instructions or apply them as a check list for the current web site will help save time and money. More importantly, it will provide maximum utility to users and make them feel listened to and respected. These are goals that any public web site also aims to!

hope this article will help you, thanks!



Jenny Tran
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