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15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 12

11 Dec 15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress

A slideshow, also known as a slider or a carousel, is a brilliant method to stack and display a series of items (usually images) in a website, particularly wherespace is a constraint. It is also commonly used by webmasters and bloggers to showcase portfolios, artwork, products, latest posts, etc. It saves time and efficiently draws a visitor’s attention.

In WordPress, installing and adding slideshows to posts can be done in a breeze, thanks to the fine work of developers in the WordPress community. We’ve ran through all the WordPress slideshow plugins we can possibly find and compiled them this list of best 15 free slideshow plugins for WordPress.

Sangar Slider: Sangar is a powerful slider plugin for WordPress that lets you upload media easily, then drag and drop the images into the order that you like. Each slide can be customized through the Custom CSS option, and the plugin has an abundance of custom hooks and filters that let developers customize the slider at code level. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 1

Meta Slider: This slider comes with several libraries including Flexslider, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides, and Coin Slider. It is also user friendly. As we create a slider, we can see the slider in action immediately. Each slider is configurable: we can crop the images, adjust their position, as well as set the transition speed for the slides. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 2

Meteor Slider: Meteor Slides inherits over 20 transitions from jQuery Cycles, so you can personalize each slider. You can add the slider using template tags, shortcodes or widgets via a very minimal interface. This plugin has been translated into many languages including Persian, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 3

Nemus Slider: With this plugin you can display both images and videos in the slider, adding captions as well as align it any corner in the slide. You can also pull images from Flickr, Dribble and 500px. On top of that it also exposes Filters and Actions for developer to hack the slider. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 4

Easing Slider: Easing Slider is a thoughtful plugin. First, it uses CSS3 Transition which enables fast and buttery smooth transition between the slides. It integrates with WordPress’s built-in Customizer, so we can see the settings immediately through the Preview pane. The plugin also comes with Hooks, Actions, and even JavaScript events, giving developers more.

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 5

Neat Slider: A neat plugin, it comes with all the necessities of a slider. It is responsive, uses CSS3 Transition for fast performance, yet, it also has great compatibility across different browsers, is customizable and free. Though using the plugin should be intuitive, a comprehensive documentation is available for users to learn how to use it. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 6

Crelly Slider: Another good WordPress slider plugin with browser compatibility stretching way back to IE8. The plugin comes with a great deal of options that enable us to customize the slide in detail such as slide transition, position, color, images, the slide control and etc. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 7

X-Slider: X-Slider takes a different approach from the previously mentioned plugins. Rather than creating another post type, slides are added through the already familiar Post interface. It keeps things neat and will prevent redundant entries. A shortcode is available to allow you to embed the slide as easy as using copy and paste.

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 8

Captain Slider: Aside from images, this plugin also supports videos be it self-hosted or from Youtube, Vimeo or VideoPress. It also features a user-friendly drag-and-drop WordPress native interface to sort the slides. You can also use a shortcode,[slider], to embed the slide within the post content, as well as a template tag to integrate the slider into your theme.

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 9

Soliloquy Lite: This plugin runs a smart slider, loading the CSS and JS only when the slide is displayed within the post. Your posts and pages will load faster with this plugin compared to the other plugins mentioned here. The slider is responsive, touch-enabled, and built with SEO in mind. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 10

Slide Wizard: This plugin lets you connect with numerous image and video sources, including Dribbble, Instagram, 500px, Flickr, and Twitter and include the obtained media into your slider. You can also even show your own posts as well as other blog posts via RSS Feed as a slider.

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 11

Cyclone Slider2: Cyclone Slider 2 comes with the essentials to run a functional image or video slider on your website. It supports RTL direction: the slider will slide from right to left. It is also works well together with qTranslate, making it a great plugin to use in a multilingual website. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 12

Slider CC: The Slider CC plugin comes with template and color variations to display the image slider. You can choose between CSS Animation, jQuery Animation, and or vanilla JavaScript as the transition engine. [Demo]

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 13

HG Slider: This plugin utilizes the Flexslider library to power up the slider. The slider supports touch gestures to navigate the slider, infinite cycle, and you can opt for CSS Transition for better performance. It comes with shortcodes and template tags with an array of configurable arguments to customize the slider output.

15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 14

SlideShow Gallery: This plugin comes with a shortcode to add a slider. Shortcodes can be easily generated through the extra TinyMCE button in the post and the page editor. The slider also features a Lightbox so that users can zoom-in the images in the slider. [Demo]

 15 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress 15


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