15 web design beautiful flat inspired in 2015
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15 web design beautiful flat inspired in 2015


20 Aug 15 web design beautiful flat inspired in 2015

15 web design beautiful flat inspired in 2015

Not only storm in 2014, the flat web designs continue to become one of the web design trends in 2015 is important. Along sulopa.com discover 15 interface web design trends simple but attractive flat will inspire you in 2015.

In fact, design is a flat design that does not contain the elements gradient, shadow or simulation. Interface Web design is almost “flat”.

For Web designers, do you think the user experience for web design “flat” is better than the design simulation skeuomorphism or not? Of course, there are many surveys and studies comparing flat web design trends and skeuomorphism. Each design trends have advantages and disadvantages. However, in the process of optimizing the user experience on the website, the flat web design trends are increasingly dominant and skeuomorphism gradually forgotten.

In 2015, the flat web design certainly will continue to make new breakthroughs. “Flat” in each pixel, provides a feeling of true and simple for visitors. Below are 15 beautiful flat web design will inspire you in 2015.

1) Gumroad


Gumroad flat web design will help you sell more products. Gumroad is the best option available.

2) Apparatus Studio


3) Whitebroad


Whitebroad is a task management application and the project on a whiteboard interface designed to help you focus on what matters most.

4) 4 Rivers Smokehouse


4 Rivers Smokehouse is flat web design of the chain’s most successful barbecue restaurants in Florida. Just visit the website, users easily feel the existence of the restaurant front

5) Hoarrd


Hoarrd website provides a wealth of gold is valuable document for web designers as the beautiful icon, [HTML] responsive Bootstrap or UI kit …

6) AQuest


7) Curated


8) Icon Works


9) Webalys


10) Funsize


11) Tinyastro



12) FormKeep


13) Florian Wacker


14) Broadsky Hostel


15) City Sales


Hope with 15 web design interface flat above, you will easily find inspiration for the project design of their web this year.

hope this article will help you, thanks!




Jenny Tran
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