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20+ HTML5-CSS3 Websites as Flash Buster


09 Jul 20+ HTML5-CSS3 Websites as Flash Buster

Websites developers always remain in a dilemma about which platform to use to develop websites. We have HTML5 which is short form for Hyper Text Markup Language and this is extensively used for developing websites all over the world. On the other hand, we have Flash which is a rich internet tool and act as a multimedia platform.

Its main benefit is its ultra-colorful graphic experience. Some will say that HTML5 is better while others will praise the capabilities of flash; it is a never ending debate as both has its pros and cons. So let’s compare HTML5 vs. Flash.
There are few geeks who will say that HTML5 is far better than Flash and vice versa. And so it gives birth to the term HTML5 vs. Flash. Each platform has its pros and cons; we can’t decide which one is better. Both have their merits and several times we have to choose one of them which suit our requirements. If we want a graphic rich website we will choose Flash but if we are going to make a functional website, then we can choose HTML. To settle this debate, first let us take a look on merits of each of them individually

HTML5 is short form of short form for Hyper Text Markup Language. Since the beginning of the internet, that is roughly around 20-25 years, websites are being developed on HTML. HTML is extremely functional and let us controls the outcome as we want. The basic coding in HTML allows us to control the behavior of whole website. Websites made in HTML are far more functional and lighter than those made in Flash. HTML also allows you to embed animations and GIF in the webpage. It supports all types of multimedia tools, these tools are incorporated in website by using text files in coding. HTML also allows you to render the script of the 2D images.

With the version of HTML5, we can also render any type of multimedia content without installing a plug-in or any other extension into the website.

Flash is a rich internet application also known as RIA which is developed by Adobe. This platform offers high quality graphics and animation to be incorporated. The best use of this platform is to build high quality websites which requires high amount of graphics and animations. It runs very smoothly and performs very well. When the connection is slow, it may take some time to load.

Flash uses a combination of competent algorithms to present and render graphical elements of the website. Flash runs very smoothly and provide website with built in visual effects which provide developers the freedom to design and be creative.

The HTML5 vs. Flash is a debate which neither side can win. Each side has its own merits and demerits. HTML5 can be very functional and it is best platform to develop e commerce websites which involves different functions and features. Flash can be used where we want to build a graphic rich website, they can be used for gaming website and other graphic related websites.
Choosing HTML5 over Flash
HTML5 vs. Flash debate is a never ending argument. Both sides have a fair share of websites that are developed. Most of the websites uses on HTML5, whereas Flash has more of like a following of creative people. The developers can use any of them depending upon the requirement. Following 20+ HTML5-CSS3 websites would give you awesome inspiration for flash buster websites. I hope you will admire these, please post your response about these inspirational websites using the comment form below.

Sapphire Sound


Tea Round App




Esteban Munoz




HTML5 Interactive Infographic


Gravity Maze


Nemanja Ivanovic


World of Merix Studio


This Shell


Riot Industries


Vivo Group






Tori’s Eye


The Wilderness Downtown


Pedro Figueras




Mind Work 3D


Dangers of Fracking


Visions of Beauty


Mind Work 3D


Dangers of Fracking


Visions of Beauty


3 Dreams of Black


Jenny Tran
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