20 Latest WordPress Plugin in the 2015
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20 Latest WordPress Plugin in the 2015


20 Nov 20 Latest WordPress Plugin in the 2015

20 Latest WordPress Plugin in the 2015

Plugins are great! They can vastly increase your blog’s functionality without requiring you to know how to code. They also tend to be very easy to install.

But with the immense popularity of WordPress, plugins seem to be everywhere and sometimes it can be frustrating to find the best and most popular plugins.

WooCommerce Product Search Engine NoFollow

Woo-nofollow - 590x300
There are some cases where you want your WooCommerce® product page widely propagated through search engines, but sometimes you simply don’t want anyone to know about it. Because it’s not available, not for sale, or you want it simply gone from search engines and other tracking websites. This is where this plugin comes in.
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VC Row Background Centaurus

This addon helps you can set background Centaurus to Visual Composer Row elements
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Woo Import Export

Woo Import Export Plugin is an easy, quick and advanced Import & Export your store data.

All type of your WooCommerce Products, Orders and Users import/export in just one click.

Woo Import Export plugins inbult functionality are Multiple Powerful Filters, Export Management, Field Management And Scheduled Management.
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Animated Columns for Visual Composer

This WordPress plugin, or Visual Composer extension, lets you display your content into nice animated columns.

You can create different effects for the Columns layers, add icons or images and create effects while columns are getting hovered.

The plugin is as easy to use as any other Visual Composer extension. You only need to install it, activate it and then add the content in the WordPress page you want to modify.
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Sortable – WordPress Plugin

Sortable is a plugin that sorts your posts by different parameters like social status, alphabetically, comments and others. It offers you different options for sorting through posts according to their social popularity like Facebook or Twitter Shares, as well as 4 other social networks.

You can easily integrate this plugin into your website with the Shortcode Generator or setting up a Sortable page. You can select post type like posts, products, portfolio or any other registered post type.

The plugin comes with a slick ajax loading animation and pagination, and you can control how many posts are shown per page. There are 2 different views list and images, each showing style according to your needs.
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WP Sales Tracking – Track Your WooCommerce Revenue

Check out the live demo for a working example and the link to our help center which includes a killer getting started guide!
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Countdown Rocket – Evergreen & Timed Countdowns

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FaceBox WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin Lightbox

Facebox is a plugin to be used in conjunction with wordpress, is a Ligthbox for media on your website, videos, pictures. The design theme is inspired by the facebook style, and fully connected social networks. There are some improvements that have been made, for example, is fully responsive.
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vBLink – Links WordPress to vBulletin

vBLink is a solution to integrate WordPress and vBulletin. It provides single sign-on and profile synchronization solutions based on vBulletin accounts.
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FullPage for Visual Composer

Now, create beautiful scrolling fullscreen web sites with Visual Composer, fast and simple.This plugin simplifies creation of fullscreen scrolling websites with WordPress and saves you big time.
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wordpress live support chat

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WordPress Color Palette Plugin

Allows you to create multiple color palettes with swatches and color names and display it on your WordPress site pages and posts using short code.
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Easy Profile Widget Cards Add-on

Easy Profile Widget is a free profile widget to display About Me Section easily on your WordPress sidebar widgets. You have options to show user profile section with avatar and custom read more link. It can be used in any widget area, such as a sidebar or a footer.
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Parallax Engine – Addon For Visual Composer

Parallax Engine that reacts to the orientation of a smart device. Where no gyroscope or motion detection hardware is available, the position of the cursor is used instead.
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Flat Scroll Bar With Powerful Customizing Options

Flat Scroll is a fabulous WordPress plugin for flat scroll bar with powerful customizing options, which will turn your as usual scroll bar into a flat scroll bar. Not only your website scroll bar, but your page, post content also according to your requirements. It also has flexible and powerful settings by which you will be able to style your scroll bar according to your requirements.
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Xmas Advent Calendar – WordPress Plugin

This customizable xmas advent calendar provides you a calendar which allows the user to open a new xmas gift you decide each day.

This is a perfect way to engage your users and make them return to your website every day until Christmas.
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VC Row Background Particles All in One

This addon helps you can set particle background to Visual Composer Row elements with a bundle of 10 Premium items (worth $100).
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Uiform – WordPress Cost Estimation & Payment Forms

inline-preview (1)
Uiform – WordPress Cost Estimation & Payment Forms is a real-time drag and drop form builder which makes you to build your estimation forms on few easy steps. it can estimate any service for your clients and you can proceed checkout using payment gateway. Also it provides an advanced grid system and skin customizer that makes you to build professional forms. Also it provides an administration section where site admins manage tons of form options. It’s really easy to customize and you don’t need programming skills.
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SiteX sitemap generator – WordPress plugin

The plugin easily generates sitemap lists using your created menus (etc: Primary menu, User name, FAQ menu …).
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HTML5 Video Player – with Grid Style and Lightbox Popups

MemberPlayer’s™ Mobile Responsive HTML5 player ensures a A+ viewing experience across devices, platforms and browsers. HTML5 or Flash? No worries. MemberPlayer leads with HTML5 player first, and then will autoswap to Flash if your website visitors browser does not support HTML5 . Your audience sees exactly what you worked so hard to create!
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