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20 top Web design books for Christmas

20 top Web design books for Christmas 12

20 Nov 20 top Web design books for Christmas

Looking for the perfect present for the web developer in your life who has it all? Or perhaps you need to drop some not so subtle hints about what you want for Christmas? Either way, this list of 20 top Web design books for Christmas will keep web designers and developers happy over the holidays.­­

JavaScript Application Design: When it comes to building robust applications, author Nicolas G. Bevacqua explains that ‘bad design assures bad results.’ So how can developers ensure their applications aren’t doomed to fail from the very beginning? Luckily help is at hand in this guide

By following the advice in this book, available as either an eBook or print edition, developers will learn how to improve software quality and their development workflow. Starting out with optimised design processes, readers will eventually focus on designing modular components.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 1

Responsive Web design: Picking up where 2011’s groundbreaking ‘Responsive Web Design’ book left off, this second edition is a fundamental resource for anyone working on the web.

Packed with a range of topics including design principles behind fluid grids and media queries, developers will also be able to follow along with examples by author Ethan Marcotte to get a better understanding of what makes web design tick.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 2

Get Started in UX: Looking to learn more about UX, or maybe you want to start a career in the field? As with any career ambition, it takes a lot of research and effort to get started, but this book from UX Mastery gives you practical advice from the experts as well as a heap of bonus content to get your portfolio noticed. Who knows, with help from this book maybe 2016 will be your UX year?

20 top Web design books for Christmas 3

The Internet of things: If you’re a web developer in the need of a side project to scratch your creative itch, why not check out this book exploring the internet of things?

Crammed with fun projects for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black, you’ll learn the basics of object-oriented programmingand relational databases. With straightforward illustrated explanations, you’ll get devices in your home connected easily.

20 top Web design books for Christmas 4

CSS Secrets: CSS expert Lea Verou has compiled this treasure trove of 47 undocumented techniques and tips for CSS developers to enjoy. Aimed at intermediate-to-advanced developers, this book will help readers to solve problems like borders, visual effects, typography and more with code.

20 top Web design books for Christmas 5

How to code in HTML5 and CSS3: Master the art of making websites in HTML5 and CSS with this free eBook by Damian Wielgosik. Geared towards absolute coding beginners, this slim read covers basic concepts and techniques to help you build your first ever website.

Broken down into chapters covering site visuals, menus, forms and more, this coding codex ends on a series of useful links to help you take your skills to the next level.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 6


Exploring ES6: Got some programming experience under your belt and want to have a go at picking up JavaScript? This living book contains reliable and in-depth information on ECMAScript 6, the next version of JavaScript.

Currently free to enjoy online, this book will be updated with even more new information well into 2016. If you want to be on the cutting edge of coding developments, this is the perfect book for you.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 7


Better CSS with Sass: Spent 2015 struggling to write clear and coherent CSS? This pocket guide by Cole Henley is here to rescue you from style sheet language headaches by introducing you to the wonder of Sass.

In no time you’ll see how Sass can improve your workflow and make your CSS more flexible, strong and reusable. Cole will walk you through the basics of Sass, and by the time you’ve finished reading the guide you’ll be able to build robust websites and deal with Sass errors.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 8


Learn Websites: Slow, bloated websites are usually weighed down by plenty of unnecessary assets. Programmers can get their sites into shape with the practical performance advice in this book by Barbara Bermes.

Focussing mainly on front-end performance, this book looks at what might be dragging down your site speed, as well as showing you how to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 9

Color theory in Web UI design: Your website might be built with the leanest, cleanest code in the world, but if it looks ugly and delivers a bad user experience, all your work will be for nothing. With this crash course on colour theory by UXPin, you’ll learn how to create a visually rich site that will please visitors.

Packed with straightforward examples including Mozilla, Squarespace, Cadbury and more, you’ll see how the six main colour schemes apply to modern web design. What’s more, you’ll also get introduced to seven valuable colour tools to help you on your way.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 10


Writing in Markdown: In just half an hour you can get to grips with writing in Markdown with this fast read by Matt Gemmell. Designed to be digested quickly, this book will help readers write faster and more efficient documents using plain text formatting conventions.

As well as taking the time to examine why Markdown is so powerful, and covering syntax, editors and suggested styles, Matt’s straightforward guide will also touch upon advanced usage scenarios that build upon previous chapters.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 11

CSS: The missing Manual, 4th Edition: Even for veteran web developers, learning the details behind CSS can be a daunting task. Luckily this fully updated edition brings you up to speed with the most effective tips, tricks and tutorial-based CSS instructions.

With the help of this manual you’ll be able to build fast and attractive websites that run on any desktop or device. Starting out with basic CSS-friendly HTML guides, David Sawyer McFarland’s book goes on to examine page layouts, efficient CSS code and Sass.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 12

Using Build Tools: Designers and front end developers can learn all about build tools with this fast read by Gavin Davies. With the help of this book, readers will be able to automate their workflow and spend time on the more interesting parts of their job.

Instead of focussing on one tool in particular, this book establishes the principles behind build tools and looks at those tailored to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 13

CSS Master: If you’re looking to explore CSS beyond the basics, this is the book for you. With CSS having evolved over the years into a robust language for designing web applications, this book aims to give you mastery over the language.

Looking at everything from architecture and organization to SVG and beyond, Tiffany Brown’s book also introduces readers to cutting-edge CSS features every front-end developer should be taking advantage of.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 14

Design for Voice Interfaces: Are keyboards and input screens on the way out? With the internet of things on the rise and wearables slowly becoming a reality, it’s time for developers to seriously consider voice interfaces as a viable alternative.

This report from O’Reilly looks at the recent advances in natural language processing, and explains the skills needed to create intuitive, discoverable voice interfaces.

 20 top Web design books for Christmas 15

Practical Web Development:  Web development has spread into most aspects of human life, affecting how we work, learn and consume (you’re reading this helpful list online, for example). But how do you stay creative and productive in a world of disruption and innovation?

With the help of this eBook by Paul Wellens, developers can get to grips wth the broader picture of contemporary web development. Exploring everything from the basics of website building principles to developing for multiple devices, readers will be able to navigate the choppy waters of ever-changing web development with ease.

20 top Web design books for Christmas 17

Effective JavaScript: Senior researcher at Mozilla Research David Herman has put together this eBook aimed at programmers wanting to get into JavaScript. Loaded with scenario-driven examples, this book (available as an eBook or print edition) brings together tips, techniques and realistic code examples to get novice programmers going with this popular tool.


Designing for Touch: Information is getting more tactile, as Josh Clark explains in this guide through the touchscreen frontier. With touchscreen interfaces users can manipulate technology in a way that suits them, but for programmers this means learning a whole lot about ergonomic demands.

Available as both an eBook or printed edition, this guide is the in-depth manual designers have been waiting for. Covering sizing, gadgets and emerging gestural toolkits, everything you need to know about touch is contained in this straightforward book.

20 top Web design books for Christmas 18

Design for a Perfect Screen: Designing the perfect screen is an important step when it comes to influencing human behavior on your site. However with a multitude of screens to cater to, it can be difficult to make the right choices.

That’s why this book from Webydo teamed up with a designer to explain the visual principles programmers need to consider in order to achieve the perfect screen.

20 top Web design books for Christmas 19

High Performance JavaScript: A team of six JavaScript experts have got together to compile this comprehensive book that shows you how to create high performance code.

In the pages of this invaluable guide they explain how to improve execution time and demonstrate the optimal ways to load code onto a page. Not only that, they’ll equip you with the tools developers need to spot problems before a site goes live.

20 top Web design books for Christmas 20

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