August 2015 - Sulopa Solutions
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August 2015


28 Aug 20 Latest WordPress Plugin in 08/2015

20 Latest Wordpress Plugin in 08/2015 Plugins are great! They can vastly increase your blog’s functionality without requiring you to know how to code. They also tend to be very easy to install. But with the immense popularity of WordPress, plugins seem to be everywhere and sometimes it can be frustrating to find the best and most popular plugins. It’s easy enough to know which of the best free plugins are available. All you need to do to find that out is to navigate to the plugin directory. There you’ll find popular plugins like SEO by Yoast and Akismet as the most downloaded. But what about premium plugins which tend to be far more advanced than free plugins? Knowing how many downloads/sales premium plugins have is a bit more difficult since there are so many outlets that sell plugins.
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26 Aug Towards online business through web designer sportswear

Towards online business through web designer sportswear You own a sporting goods store or business intentions are in this field. You want to provide information about the product as quickly as possible, expand markets and become familiar address of the customer when buying sports but are "struggling" do not know how. So you've never thought of trading online, web design sportswear to promote your item yet?
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