25 Latest WordPress eCommerce Plugins in the 2015
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25 Latest WordPress eCommerce Plugins in the 2015

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29 Sep 25 Latest WordPress eCommerce Plugins in the 2015

25 Latest WordPress eCommerce Plugins in the 2015

The popularity of eCommerce website increase day by day. You can simply get more benefits from your business using an eCommerce website. We know that, most of the bloggers and webmasters use WordPress CMS to build, run and maintain their blog and website. You can also run and manage your eCommerce website using this most popular content management system.


WP IVR is twilio Based WordPress Plugin, it is made as powerful as it is tiny in interface…
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WooCommerce Maps Store Locator

Is an extremely advanced mapping system that makes it easy for your customers/visitors to find your store, location real estate – buy, sell or rent a Home, Restaurant, Events… on Google Maps. Give your potential customers more information by showing that your items for buy, sell or for rent everywhere and even near their location. Easy to show your single products which is available in shops marked, create multiple markers, easy to custom marker icon, info window, filters, and more.
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Display product variations in table for WooCommerce

Our plugins are created to display items in a table view. You can manage your table in various, flexible formats such as adjusting the header of the table, increasing and decreasing the number of columns, displaying each item’s data, adjusting the color, font, and size. You can also display the item’s basic fields such as Price, Shipping, Dimension, Stock, Customs Field, Short Code, and others. You can choose to display more than 20 fields in your table.
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WooCommerce Cart Email and Social Share

WooCommerce Cart Email and Social Share allows site admin and customer to create woocommerce cart and send it to any single or multiple email address. This plugin also have feature of share cart on social network in one click.

The extension also have a option to enable/disable front end cart share. Extension allows customer to share their cart with friends on social network.

Plugin also provide a edit email text feature. Plugin is fully customization and easily understandable. The functionality code of extension is 100% Open Source.
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WooCommerce Appointment Schedule Booking System

“WooCommerce Appointment Schedule Booking System” plugin is the powerful scheduling plugin which has most features and user-friendly interface with flexible admin panel.
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WooCommerce File Sharing & Message After Chekcout

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This plugin allow admin and client to communicate and share files. It adds a button under My Account page next to ‘View’ button order like:
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WooBag – Customize Your Cart Easily

WooBag - Inline-Preview-Image - 590x300
WooBag is a must have WordPress WooCommerce Addon Plugin that gives you full control over design and behaviour of your cart icons and cart popup.

Are you unhappy with your cart design and behaviour? Use WooBag to change the looks yourself!
Are you worried about your cart’s lack of user-friendliness? Use WooBag to add user friendliness.
Are you loosing potential sales just because your cart is not optimized for conversions? Use WooBag to optimize your conversions!
So, what it does to your cart? Check out below:
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Woocommerce 360 degrees and video product viewer

Do you know our product pages are the core of your eCommerce site. This is where customers will decide to purchase or not. So if you have a tool can optimize these pages as perfectly as possible, you will attract customers’ attention and persuade them to buy

Remember, a well designed product display can increase sales by up to 44 percent, with videos and full 360 degrees spin views, sales can increase by up to 97 percent!

WooCommerce 360 Degrees And Video Product Viewer provides you with an easy way to add a dynamic, controllable 360 degrees image rotation and preview videos to your WooCommerce site. By simply adding a group of images or video embed codes to a product, you’ll have a beautiful image rotation and videos replace the product’s featured image

The plugin is responsive and support all mayor devices and browsers.
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Ebay Woocommerce Product Manager

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Woobay is used to import product from ebay to your woocommerce site. This is helpful to create your own store with all your ebay products and it is also be used to make money using ebay affiliate with ebay partner network of other seller items. Woobay is used to import product with
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VG WooCarousel – Product Carousel for WooCommerce

This plugin will help you to show more products of WooCommerce in beautiful responsive carousel slider. It has options for setting the pagination/sliding speed, enabling/disabling autoplay, showing bullet navigation and more.

Also, it is possible to define the number of items to be shown on desktop, tablet, mobile separately and VG WooCarousel will handle that automatically. It supports responsive design and works well on touch devices.
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Events Schedule Presentation

Event’s Schedule Page Plugin helps you create a schedule page for events.

Easily edit contents using WYSIWYG editor.
Wordpress default Media Uploader available
It uses Custom page template for Displaying the Event’s Schedule.
The page style is similar to the Google’s I/O Website Schedule page.
It uses Bootstrap markup so its responsive too.
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Easy Customer and Order Export in WooCommerce

The “Easy Customer & Order Export” WooCommerce plugin allows a store admin to easily export customer and order information in the form of a CSV file. The CSV export file for orders can be generated on the basis of order status, time intervals, starting & ending date, limiting the maximum number of order records and offsetting records to skip the numbers of records. The plugin also allows exporting of a CSV file on the basis of customers. It also provides with an ability of CSV format setting and automated export settings. It is easy to schedule the automatic CSV export via custom intervals to specific email addresses with an email subject. This automatic scheduling of order or customer CSV helps store admin to avoid manual exporting of orders or customer records.
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Creo Currency Converter Pro for Woocommerce

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WooCommerce Shopify Importer

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Woocommerce Role Purchasable

Make your Woocommerce products purchasable according to the user’s role. Now you have available the ‘guest’ pseudo-role, so your product could be purchasable only for registered users.
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WooCommerce – Minimum/Maximum Quantities

WooCommerce – Minimum/Maximum Quantities extension for WooCommerce allows you to define minimum and maximum allowable product quantities per product, order or variation. It also lets you define a group quantity if your product must be bought in groups of x.
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WooCommerce Categories Pro

WooCommerce Categories Pro plugin allows you to list wooCommerce product categories and subcategories in accordion or mega or multi-level dropdown options.
You can use this plugin as a widget or shortcode, This plugin highlight the current product parent category and subcategory
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WooCommerce Sales Count

sales count feature
WooCommerce Sales Count is a WooCommerce extension using which, the Sales Count of the Products can be displayed on Shop Page and Product Page.
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WooCommerce Advanced Filters

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WP Better Post Display

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Better Post Display is intended to bring a fresh new look to the post listing admin page. If you are tired of that old table look, this module is for you. It provides a series of cool functionalities in the new page as well, such as ajax pagination, powerful filtering options and thumbnail display.
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Woocommerce Appointment Booking

Woocommerce appointment Booking plugin is a plugin that helps you to create a powerful and simple booking system for your website. It was designed for services such as doctors, lawyer, consultants, tutors, instructors, photographers, stylists and others who need to schedule their time and date with clients through online.

By this plugin your customers will have a quick view on your services to book a suitable appointment schedule in specific date and time slot.

The plugin has most features and user-friendly interface with flexible admin panel.
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Woocommerce Backorder Product Badge

Create Backorder Badge for your Woocommerce Store

The Woocommerce Backorder Product Badge displays automatically the badge created on the product with the no stock quantity available,but with the possibility to acquire it as backorder . Once the product back in stock the badge will not be displayed.
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Woocommerce Grid Layout with Carousel

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Openswatch – Woocommerce variations image swatch

Openswatch is a plugin for wordpress and woocommerce with alot of new feature. This plugin make your woocommerce website became friendly and easy use for your customer.
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Woo Convert to Customer

Woo Convert to Customers help any shop owner convert more customers by providing automatically discount on products that visitors are interested in.

I’m sure it happened to you also to search for a product and the price wasn’t the right one for you. What if a discount popups out of nowhere wouldn’t you buy the product? Yes you will.

When visitors click through your items the plugin keep in mind on which product pages the user stayed on and picks to top most “interested in” product and offers a discount. When the visitor adds the product to the cart Woo Convert to Customers generates automatically a coupon and applies it to the order. You don’t need to move a finger.
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