30 Best Selling Mobile App Templates in the 2015
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30 Best Selling Mobile App Templates in the 2015

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25 Sep 30 Best Selling Mobile App Templates in the 2015

30 Best Selling Mobile App Templates in the 2015

Modern handheld devices such as of iPhone and android smartphones are useless without mobile apps. As the demand for mobile apps templates grows, developers are encouraged to build unique and profitable apps. If you are an app developer and want to make your mobile application a real success you need to promote it to a wider audience. Thus, building a website for your app will be very helpful in showcasing your product.

Website could help you get the word out and introduce your app to the public. Of course, your target users would want to get to know your product first before they download it from app store or play store. Now, you don’t have to hire a professional web developer to build a website for your mobile app. There are app showcase WordPress themes that are specially designed for your app’s needs. These themes include great features to efficiently flaunt the strengths of your product and encourage people to purchase or download your mobile application. Here’s a wonderful list of the best app showcase WordPress theme:

ionFullApp -Ionic PhoneGap/Cordova Full Hybrid App

IonFullApp is a beautiful starter app built with Ionic Framework which gives you the bootstrap you need in order to build your next application. It has tons of components, plugins and examples so you can build the kind of app you need.

The app uses SASS, which basically is CSS with super powers. Each component has its dedicated sass files and partials well structured with independent variables so you can have maximum modularity, flexibility and customisability.

Ionic framework is an open source front-end SDK for developing awesome hybrid mobile apps with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Ionic is focused mainly on the look and feel, and UI interaction of your app.

Cordova is a platform to build Native Mobile Applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
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Roots – PhoneGap/Cordova Multi-Purpose Hybrid App

CodeCanyon Preview Ready CP8
Works with the most popular RSS XML sources & formats. Works with Youtube Channels & Playlists. Works with self hosted WordPress sites with version 2.8 or higher. While most WordPress themes and plugins should be compatible with our plugin, we can not guarantee full 3rd party plugin and theme support. Related posts in WordPress require post tags. The radio and media player (used for our content providers, e.g. Facebook) are compatible with the same formats that are supported by the Android platform. Arabic and Hebrew support for Android 4.2 and up. Please keep in mind that the compatibility and features of Universal for Android may be different from Universal for IOS.
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Sensation – PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App

Sensation >=1.13.0 comes with 2 Apps – the default Sensation App (1.15.0) and the new WordPress Authentication App (1.2.0). It also includes the Sensation Feed App.

This new App is based on the WordPress JSON API, WordPress JSON API User and WordPress JSON API Auth plugins and allows to communicate with the WordPress RESTful user registration, authentication, password reset and get your posts by supporting client and server-side pagination.
Sensation gives you the bootstrap you need in order to build your next PhoneGap / Cordova application based on Onsen UI. In addition, it gives you examples on how to access the native mobile functionality using the Cordova library.

Sensation 1.15.0 supports the latest Onsen UI 1.3.2 http://onsen.io release. Onsen UI reduces AngularJS complexity, supports jQuery and is integrated with CSS Components Theme Roller http://components.onsenui.io. Download also the APK files.
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Material Design UI Android Template App

We made this beautiful Android UI template with idea to provide developers easy and practical way to make their apps also beautiful. With our Android UI template you don’t need to loose your precious time to set up pre-designed graphic – we did it for you!

All elements are inspired with Android Lollipop Material Design and created by their instructions.

Also all elements are available to be used in older versions of Android so you don’t need to have expensive smartphone to have awesome Material design. You can easily implement components from Android UI template just by following our huge and well organized documentation.

Your’s is just to code, we do the design.

Easy as cake. Happy coding! :)
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Roots – PhoneGap/Cordova Multi-Purpose Hybrid App

preview (1)
Roots is the perfect framework to build an hybrid app pretty fast with all the tools that are included. You can choose between building a static content app or a dynamic content app using WordPress as a Cloud CMS. Roots is powered by the amazing Cordova and Onsen UI projects.
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BlogNews – iPhone blog app – WordPress editions

BlogNews is a full native App for iPhone and has been built in response to the demand from the owners of WordPress Blog / Magazine who want to offer to their users a professional iPhone App.

Really easy to setup, just copy and paste your RSS Feeds URL and the app will finish it. Use the WordPress plugin to easily manage the thumbnails for every post.

You will spend only 10 minutes max to completely setup the App !!!
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Store Finder Full iOS Application v1.6.7


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Universal Android WebView App

WebView App is a native Android application which uses web view for displaying content. Thanks to this template you can create universal mobile application. It is fast, easy and affordable.

Application is easily configurable and customizable. Project is well documented. See documentation or video manual. You should be able to configure and build the app within 15 minutes.

There are many use cases for this app. Some examples: mobile app for the internet forum, product catalog, festival program, city guide, reservation system, restaurant menu online, news… See a real example Zippyshare Simple Search. This app is based on Universal Android WebView App and it’s pretty successfull on Google Play.

We provide a great support, but before you ask us for help or support, please read the documentation (included with the downloaded item) and any additional information available on the item’s support tab to see if that answers your question. Also see frequently asked questions. If you still need help, just send us a message via comments. Please keep in mind that customization, modification and installation services are not included in item support. See Envato Market Item Support Definition and Guidelines for more info.
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Apartment Real Estate iPhone Full App xCode5 iOS7

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Mobile Store Locator

This mobile store locator is using a built-in API to fetch and display all the stores information. that makes it a very powerful and flexible mobile application. It enables users to views your stores list and details informations, view the stores on a Google Map, view a Google Street view, search by address, search the closest stores to their current location and more.
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Android Flat UI Template

As an Android developer, you probably have a lot of problems applying a design for your application. Here we provide three themed apps. Using a flat concept for making the application look perfect. You have a wide range of custom controls in this template. Perfect for your needs.
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Emerald : Full iPhone App

Emerald is a native iPhone app template that allows to create a 100% customized app without a single line of code.
You can change all images, all colors, the font, and import your own content easily. You can then send the app to the AppStore, exactly like we did : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/emerald-pura-vida/id599998403?ls=1&mt=8
We have also created a demo for you to preview all features of Emerald. You can download it right from Safari by using any iOS device (iOS 5.1 and above required) here
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FlappyBot – An Obstacle Avoidance Game

This is a native Android Arcade Obstacle Avoidance Game, written in Java with Eclipse. The aim of the player is to touch the screen of his device and keep the flappy bird robot alive as long as possible. The game features top 5 high scores.

This game can be edited to your likings. Feel free to add more obstacle columns, change any bird speeds or delays…

Comes ready with AdMob interstitial Ads and Facebook Share Feature.
More InfoDemo

The Restaurant App

Item Preview
The Restaurant App is a mobile reservation system that used for managing reservation and restaurant menu. Admin can manage reservation, restaurant menu and other configurations such as tax and currency code from admin panel on the web and users will be able to see the menu from mobile app and make a reservation. Run under Android platform which is the number one popular mobile operating system right now this app comes with many features.

this app will save your time in creating an app for the restaurant of yours or your client.
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Speed Dating – social dating network

As per Envato rules, you must purchase Speed Dating – social dating network under an Extended License if:
You plan to sell your own version of this app as a PAID app on the AppStore.
You plan to add In-App Purchase to your own version of this template (which means that your users can get charged of money).
You plan to sell your own version of this app (build app) on Flippa and similar markets.
Thanks for understanding.
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Cave Run Game – Cocos2D

This is iOS version of the Cave Run Game (flash) by Activeden author majd_abdula

This is my rendition of the very awesome Canabalt , featuring extremely simple gameplay with an Indiana Jones-esque theme.
Hold the mouse button to jump. Hold longer to jump higher. Collect coins and don’t fall!

This game is based on Cocos2D framework

Please Notice : it’s not 100% same with the original flash version , there are minute differences ,e.g. the jump speed ,scoring rule etc .. …. just let you before you buy 😉
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Store Finder Full Android Application v1.1.4

By our Rules: Server Access will be given to those who have purchased to avoid bombarded with updates or changes that might buyers testing the server with confusions. So please bear with us. Server Url, Username and Password credentials were included in the Zip file once you purchase. Thanks!.
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Maps Finder App

Maps Finder App is a navigation tool designed for helping people when travelling to different city for displays places near to user’s. This app is perfect for those of you who want to develop maps applications based on mobile phone. You could easily compile the application into a native application form using phonegap framework.
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Spatullr: Recipes App for Android

Spatullr Codecanyon Display 2
Spatullr is a mobile application template for food recipes based on Android platform that comes with awesome features in simple and beautiful design. If you are a chef or a person who loves to cook and love to create new recipes, create your own recipes app using Spatullr. Then, let your app installed and used by million of smartphone users in the world, your app will guide them in cooking your delicious recipes. Earn million dollars of income through ad integration within the app or by implementing paid app system.

what are you waiting for? you can create Cake Recipes App, Quick & Easy Recipes App, or any recipes app you want.
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AAC Radio App – Android

AAC radio App is a native android app, a simple solution to create your own radio app, easy to costumize, Just add your station name, stream url and station image; then build with Eclipse & submit to Google Play store. Features:
More InfoDemo

Restaurant app template

Restaurant app is a Titanium Mobile application developed for Restaurants, Cafe lounge, recipes apps. Building mobile app for your business or client can be very expensive and time consuming.
We have created admin panel for it. In this admin panel you can cnfigure the app enter menu items, and news items. If you want to play with the code, most settings are in one file only. So you will need very basic programing knowledge or no need of them at all if you use the admin panel.
App works for iPhone ( all models including iPhone5 ), iPad and on all Android devices and versions.
App is well structured into Modules, so it is stable, easy to debug and extend. You will not need back-end for your mobile app. So you don’t need hosting and database to run your app.
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WordPress iOS App + PUSH ! iAD + AdMob – V2.5 ! IOS 9

preview (2)
It is compatible with iOS 7.x – 8.x and runs on iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / 6 / 6+ and iPod Touch 5th generation. Requirements to open the project : OS X 10.8 And Xcode 6.0
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Goceng: Deal Aggregator App

Goceng is a deal aggregator application template that run under Android platform. This will help you build your own mobile deal application faster. Comes with many great features such as location-based and managing data from server.
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AIR AS3 Touch Scroll

As I started building mobile apps, I soon discovered that I truly in need of a touch scroller for my contents scrolling and started Googling around but couldn’t really find something clean and perfect to be able to respond my needs, so decided to built one myself :)
after making my TouchScroll class and make it to work in my mobile app projects, as I was moving forward on developing, after time to time I realized that if the scroller had such and such functionalities that would be awesome and started upgrading it time to time till it became as perfect as it is today! now I can say it’s flexible enough to be used in any way in any AS3 project, set its inputs in any order and at any time and treat with it as wild as you can! it’s still responsive 😛
it concerns about your CPU usage and collects it own garbage after it is removed!
More InfoDemo

Kids Memory Game with AdMob

Kids Memory Game is an Android game application. This application lets you to create different memory match games with unlimited number of game modes. You can create memory games like fruits memory game, cars memory game, foods memory game, and more.

Memory games are popular in the Android market and drive huge number of downloads. Check the Google Play store.

The application is packed with AdMob template to start making money right away. You can also add other ad networks without any trouble.
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Android Live TV

Watch your favorite TV channels Live in your mobile phone with this Android application on your Android device. that support almost all format.The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.

Android Live Tv Application is app that show live tv on android device.
More InfoDemo

ionWordpress -Wordpress full Integrated mobile app

Inline-Preview-Image (1)
IonWordpress is the way to take your WordPress site to the next level! You just need to add some plugins to your WordPress site and you will have a mobile app ready to go. It has tons of components, plugins and examples so you can build the kind of app you need.

The app uses SASS, which basically is CSS with super powers. Each component has its dedicated sass files and partials well structured with independent variables so you can have maximum modularity, flexibility and customisability.
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Classic Highway Car Avoidance Game

feature (1)
This is a native Android Highway Car Avoidance Game. The aim of the player is to tilt his device to steer away from the incoming vehicles. The game also includes checkpoints which the player can catch for extra points and a handy boost function for those players that are hard to trill.

The game can be edited however you wish. Feel free to add any type of different vehicles, trees, stones or logos of your company on the road.
More InfoDemo

Jumper – An Arcade Bouncing Game

feature (2)
This is a native Android Arcade Jumping Game, written in Java with Eclipse. The aim of the player is to tilt his device and keep jumping up as high as he could. The game features coins, powerups, bombs, trampolines, top 10 high scores, calibrate feature and more.

This game can be edited to your likings. Feel free to add more bars, more special items, more coins or give it reskin.

Comes ready with AdMob interstitial Ads and Facebook Share Feature.
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Clear UI Template for Android

More Info

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