30 Latest Magento Extensions in the 2015
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30 Latest Magento Extensions in the 2015


17 Sep 30 Latest Magento Extensions in the 2015

30 Latest Magento Extensions in the 2015

Did you know that there are over 200 Magento Extensions available for your store! But before you get too excited you should know not all are created equally.

Some of the extensions are poorly coded and will cause you and your Magento developer endless headaches. From security risks to overriding existing extensions, right through to slowing down or even crashing your entire site – dealing with bad extensions will cause you endless headaches. Codecanyon provides some what of a solution to this issue, however the only way to know if an extension is stable is through trial and error.

So to help you out, below is the list of the extensions we’ve been recommending to our clients. Some are free, some require a small investment.

This isn’t just a list we’ve thrown together, but it represents what we believe are the best quality extensions in each area. The criteria for making the list includes: Latest Magento Extensions

High quality, bug-free code
Easy installation
User friendly
Seamless Functionality
Minimal conflicts with other extensions
Steady updates
Great value for money.
So if you’re looking to upgrade the functionality of your site, then you can trust the extensions below.

Magento Money Manager Extension

Magento Money Manager is a simple, flexible, powerful solution to manage your money from many balance in cash type, bank account or payment account,etc. You can create extra income/expense receipt or transfer from one balance to another one. The extension also does not change any core file of Magento, so you can update your installation with total peace of mind.
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ZestTech’s Ajax Category Page Cart

ZestTech’s Ajax Side Bar Cart is designed to increase the chances of customers adding products to the cart and then getting them to checkout. The cart would be visible on the right or left sidebar and would be situated on the top. Customers would be able to see the cart update on the side as they shop on the category pages. Customers can also manage the cart from the sidebar.

Customers can increase and decrease the quantity of products and also they are able to remove products and empty cart. The sidebar cart is designed to accept coupon codes and all of cart functions are Ajax based.

Key Features Cart visible on sidebar navigation and filter Add/remove, delete, empty and update contents of cart Add coupon code Fully Ajax based Responsive design Checkout from category page Side Bar Cart on the product page Excellent customer support from ZestTech

Note : This extension works only for simple products.To get it working with other product types,buy our upcoming module to show all product options on category page to get them added right from here.

ZestTech’s Ajax Category Page Cart would be ideal if your business normally has large amount of customers that buy lots of items within a single purchase. This module will add to the user experience by reducing the amount of times one needs view the cart page to update or view the content of the cart.
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Auto Address Finder

Magento Auto Address Finder is an extension that allows your customers to auto complete their address from the partial address they have entered or are entering .

On checkout page, when customer enter billing or shipping address then on address field will suggest addresses when cursor on this field, and also when customer enter their addresses from dashboard -> add address page then also same address filed will auto find address on selected country.
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Zesttech Mage Grid/Matrix Shipping

Looking For A Simple Easy Shipping Solution Just For the States Of A Particular Country or Particular State or Want To Assign Different Shipping Irrespective Of The Destination?

Well you’ve landed on the right extension page! This module will allow you to customize your shipping based on country/state/city/pincode and even sku.

This extension not only allows you to import the shipping in one go but also enables the admin to edit any shipping record from magento backend.Tailor your shipping just according to your requirement whenever you want right from the backend itself.
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ZestTech Wholesaler

This module will allow customers to register as a wholesaler via a link on the footer. A form is provided and a notification email is sent to the customer. Customers would be added to the default wholesaler group within Magento as soon as the form is filled. We can make many customisation to this module
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Magento Event Booking

You are a merchant who sell tickets online for contests, conferences or anyother events. We provide with you Magento Event Booking extension, this extension allows you to manage events, set up auto reminder and confirmation emails, and also send PDF tickets with auto generated QR code. In addition, it allows customer register and pay tickets online, that helps you can manage attendees at your events and save time.
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Zesttech Call For Shipping Quotation

This module will allow you to provide your special registered customer a special shipping rate after mutual discussion with your customer.At the time of checkout it asks the customer to call you on the provided details and can ask you for a better shipping rate on the basis of the purchase or on the basis of number of items purchased etc.In this way you can give your privileged customer a special shipping rate meant for that particular registered customer only which can be used a specific number of times and between two specific dates only.

Customers can call you to get a quotation for shipping. You can add a Call For Shipping option in the checkout where if selected it will show a custom number and message on the checkout page. You can highlight this shipping function by altering one of 3 conditions within the Call for quotation module.
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ZestTech Magazine View

Our Masonry View Module allows our Magento buddies to get their images displayed in a Magazine style by selecting the Magazine View option at the category level. You simply choose yes or no if you want to have a trendy display in that particular category.
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ZestTech Pre Order

Why stop selling when your products become out of stock? Studies have shown that if you are selling a good product with a fantastic price then it’s more than likely that your customers are will to wait and reserve products. With this amazing new Pre order and Reserve module you can select any of your inventory to go into backorder and this will replace add to cart button on all product listings as Pre order Or Reserve. Along with this there will be an indication of the module in the following places. Pre order/Reserved products will have customisable massage on cart review Adds Pre order,Reserve button on product listings – Category and product page – As well as on all Cross sells On the checkout – Review cart can have custom Pre order/Reserved text On the Cart Page it will have custom Pre order/Reserved text On order confirmation page you can have a custom Pre order/Reserved text On My Account page you can have a custom Pre order/Reserved text On the actual Invoice you can have a custom Pre order/Reserved text The ZestTech Pre order/Reserve module will increase sales for your business by enabling you to sell products while waiting for the stock to arrive. The module allows you have custom highlights and texts at all of the relevant places to indicated that the products would be a reserved or pre ordered ones.

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Discount Coupon Code Link Extension for Magento

Discount coupon code link that triggers automatic discount coupon code for shoppers/customers on the shopping cart page. It is great to use “Discount Coupon Code Link” in newsletter campaigns, emails, marketing blogs or posts, online/offline ads, social media posting or in any promotional tools.

“Discount Coupon Code Link” will automatically apply coupon code when products are added to shopping cart. Eye-catching lightbox popup with pre-configured message when coupon code applies. Easy configuration for Miscellaneous scripts, Success message, lightbox popup and custom redirection URL settings. View report of “No. of Views” for particular coupon code link.

Easy to use and very well documented. Discount Coupon Code Link Extension does not overwrite any Magento core files. Work with custom templates
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Magento Super Breadcrumbs

preview (1)
Magento Super Breadcrumbs will improve your user experiance and SERP visibility. Using microdata for breadcrumbs might even help SEO.
More InfoDemo

Email Notification On Customer Group Change

ZestTech Email Notification module notifies the customer whenever customer group is changed by admin.

Now you are not required to send manual emails to customers whenever you change the customer group, just buy this module and customize email template as per your requirement and enjoy the benefit.

Demo Can Be Seen Here

First of all register yourself and then from admin change the customer group,you will recieve a notification mail just after that(dont forget to check your spam folder).
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Advanced Admin Global Search

Are you merchant that gets really fed up of searching for orders in Magento’s vast backend? If you are then we at ZestTech have a god send for you! Our unique module will save you time and administrative effort! Our fantastic Global Admin Search module will give all administrators the freedom to search for orders very easily.. The best thing is that you can search for orders on auto complete by just typing in shipping/billing address, customer name, first few digits of order number and even email addresses.
More InfoDemo

ZestTech Customer Based Shipping

customer_based_shipping590 (1)
This module zip is having files and folders placed in hierarchical structure as per Magento.You can either simply copy and paste the folders just by following the hierarchy in which they have been placed or simple can login to Magento Admin. 1. Go to System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager. 2. Login to Magento Connect Manager-> Browse The Module Zip. 3. Upload(Under Direct package file upload).

More InfoDemo

Magento QuickBooks Integration

We strongly recommend to Download Free Trial and check the product before purchasing.
QuickBooks Integration allows you to export your products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks – well-known, powerful accounting software.
Important! QuickBooks Integration is Store Manager for Magento addon, it cannot be used as stand-alone product, thus you should have Store Manager installed. You also need to have QuickBooks installed at the same PC.
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Customer Invoice

Customer invoice extension provides features to the customer to view their invoice from their accounts and print.
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Zesttech Category & Product Based Shipping Rates

More InfoDemo

Magento Product Attachment

Product Attachment, Magento Extension developed by MagentoPros helps you add attachemnts to your Magento product, cms, etc. pages so that your customers can download it.
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Magento Code Highlighter

Code Highlighter, Magento Extension developed by MagentoPros is an easy, simple but very useful extension which helps highlighting the code in the Magento admin so that it gets easy to edit and you don’t end up making any mistake in the code.

More Info


SM Camera Slider – Responsive Magento Module

We are happy to bring to you our new responsive Magento module – SM Camera Slider helps your to show any kind of content as your way you want. Its module support to add multiple sliders that contains multiple layer with tons of unique transition effects, animation and lots of powerful options to create your own effects. Besides, you can add any content, including images, text, custom HTML, YouTube and Vimeo videos or HTML5… in layer. Specially, it supports mobile touch navigation with finger swipe that you have never experienced before.

Moreover, intuitive user interface in Admin panel is extremely easy for you to manage your slider. You can decide the number of sliders to show on frontpage, add suitable navigation style, which slide effects you prefer and etc. Based on your configuration in this important area, you can totally control your own module.
More InfoDemo

Advanced Product Video Extension for Magento

preview (2)
Advanced Product Video is a very useful feature to highlight product features by adding videos to product page along with images in a customizable carousel slider and in product video custom tab. Extension supports different types of videos like Vimeo, YouTube, and local video files. Show video in main product image area or show video as lightbox popup with title and description information.

Easy to use and Intuitive interface. Advanced Product Video Extension does not overwrite any Magento core files.
More InfoDemo

SM CartPro – Responsive Magento Module

SM CartPro offers a convenience way to enhance your customer’s shopping process. This module helps your customer can easily add, remove and update products throughout the immediate interaction with the box cart. Specially the module supports Ajax to add items, so your customers don’t need to reload the page.

Moreover, your customers can choose to continue shopping or checkout right away after adding product to cart in the product page. Along with adding product to cart, this module also supports add to wishlist page, add to compare.

And the last but not least, SM CartPro supports all Magento product types, including simple, configuration, bundle, grouped, virtual and bundle products. This module would be a must have extension in your Magento e-commerce store to increase more sales.
More InfoDemo

CPM Mage Store Locator

CPM Mage Store Locator is an extension that adds, Store locator facility to your Magento powered store. If you have many physical stores, this is the best method to get your clients to find the best and nearest store to them. The Magento extension comes with these facilities:

1. Google Map Integration 2. Street Map View 3. Responsive 4. Custom Fields. 5. 6 Position styles. 6. 4 Color Options 7. Radius Filter 8. With or without default country
More InfoDemo

eBay Integration for Magento

Magento Ebay Codecanyon 590x300
eBay Integration is Store Manager for Magento addon and does not function separately. If you want to use it in order to integrate your store with eBay you should have Store Manager installed. Don’t have time to export hundreds of products to eBay? Then eBay Integration Addon is a product for you! This comprehensive tool will help you to sell products easily on eBay through Store Manager for Magento, installed on your PC. It provides you with the ability to export entire products list, as well as product descriptions and prices from your online store to eBay. You can easily choose auction type, price formulas, region and other auction settings in a quick and timely manner.

More InfoDemo

Mage Maintenance Mode

Working on your site but don’t want to lose visitors, engage them. While there’s a nice loader showing up on your site, you can go ahead and make changes to the site. This extension lets you put a coming soon page or a Under Maintenance page on your Magento Powered Website.
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Ajax Layered Navigation Filter Magento Extension

Ajax Layered Navigation Filter Extension extends default layered navigation and enhances it with beautiful and fast AJAX approach with check box and price slider. The extension gets all the category products from the server in a background mode, and then uses AJAX to sort and filter the products directly in the browser, without additional server request or page reload. This gives a significant speed increase.
Ajax Layered Navigation Filter Extension is one of the best fully featured Magento extension that can be easily managed from the back-end from your Magento Store. It allows you to filter Products by Categories, Price, Custom attribute like color,size,brand or Featured products on category pages, Search and Advanced search pages by SEO Friendly url. This Extension optimizes and improves navigation of your online Magento store. Using this extension you can filter multiple attributes and attributes values at a time.
More InfoDemo

Magento Product Images Slideshow Extension

Magento Product Images Slideshow extensions helps to attract your customers to your products, displaying photos with beautiful effects and providing a far much convenient and attractive tool to view images.

Your website introduces different products in which have different items and you want to display a number of items on the product details page, Magento Product Images Slideshow Extension will be a brilliant concept for adding items’ images on the product page. This module will convert items’ images of a product into slideshow style. Your customers will be more convenient to compare different items of a product.

We all know that images sell products. With our Magento Product Image Slideshow Extension, you can display photos more conveniently in beautiful effects attracting customers on products that you sell on your site. Now, your products pages will have an attractive tool to view images larger on clicks.
More InfoDemo

Knowledge Base Manager

Knowledgebase Manager provide feature to the Magento store owner to add Knowledgebase to their website.
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Magento Google Tag Manager Integration

With Google Tag Manager you can manage your Google Analytics events, Adwords conversion tracking, remarketing, and many other features in one place. This extension allows you to integrate Google Tag Manager to your site. All you need is to insert your container id to configuration of this extension.

More Info


Magento Product Images in Orders

Magento Product Images in Orders extension will add images next to the products in all orders, invoices, shipment emails and credit memos.
More InfoDemo

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