5 tips to increase sales web design
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5 tips to increase sales web design


25 Aug 5 tips to increase sales web design

5 tips to increase sales  web design

Search engine optimization and sales operations are two basics helps a web design effective sales activities. Today sulopa.com readers would share 5 tips to help website owners solve the above problems.

1.  to plan

To build an SEO plan and increased sales, you need to pay attention to the goal of SEO results and higher conversion rates. This is as follows:

– Key word catering for all stages of the buying process

– Navigate web pages rational, takes the user to where they need to see, to look for information

– Advertising products that visitors are looking for

– Highlighting the advantages, let customers know why they buy from you and not other web design thousands dealing with the same item with you.

– Creating trust and confidence of customers with products, your brand through real images of products, features …


2. Select Key word to involve the purchase process

Keywords play an important role in navigating the user to a purchase decision. So to do this well, you need to choose keywords with the product closely, close to the search, and you can choose the keyword matching home where much traffic, then build building a Keyword plan for the next stage of the buying process.

Basic purchase process will undergo 4 steps: certifying demand, information search, evaluation of alternatives and make decisions. At each stage of the keyword list expanded to navigate customers to quickly find the information they are looking for.

3. The difference of your website with other agents

Think about the shopping experience of users, put yourself in their position and what makes your website different from other sales agents?

Customer service is one of the factors you should keep in mind to make a difference with the competition. Most customers will experience customer service when they get stuck in the process of transportation, the use of goods. So please think carefully what you can do for your customers.


4. Unique content

There are two reasons why you should create unique content on your website are:

– Developing unique content, accurately describe the product or service that you are trading, and additional cost (price) for each product line will help users understand the full, detailed information .

– If you are using content from other websites, then Google will take some time to assess the value of your website, in addition if duplicate content then you will be penalized by Google.

There are many ways to add value to your product pages, you can add features customer reviews on the product, using the visual image, the demo video …

5. Reduce the controversy to increase sales

A common problem of e-commerce sites that are controversial in the buying process. So to minimize this you need to refer to some common questions from customers as follows:

– Transportation costs how much?
– What makes the product suitable for me?
– Do I have to accept that your unwanted email?
– This price seems low. This material may be new or redecorate?
– Information on my credit card had been safe?
– This web site is not reliable?

Above are some questions you can get from our customers. When they see your website, they need to find clear information so that they can confidently purchase your products. If disputes can not happen.

So how to answer the above questions? Make the answer is brief and easy to understand so that customers can get the information you want to convey. Also let customers know about the purchasing policies, incentives, clear return policy. Use the icons shown confidence and safety when using the product, your service.

hope this article will help you, thanks!


Jenny Tran
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