5 Trends to design website are expecting 2015
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5 Trends to design website are expecting 2015


10 Aug 5 Trends to design website are expecting 2015

5 Trends to design website are expecting 2015

Technology is increasingly changing, people’s tastes are increasingly changing, therefore, updating the new trends is a prerequisite for success in any field. In the field of web design, too, change the look, design trends is the preferred option to deliver the impressive site and attract the most customers and thereby improving the competitiveness of businesses .

Let’s look at 5 website design trends are expected to storm in 2015


  1. design website responsive

Responsive web design is understood simply stylish design suitable for any device and any screen resolution. Responsive technology is gradually becoming a norm and brings a new face to your website. This trend is consistent with the pace of ongoing development of mobile devices in recent years. It is compatible with all devices increase the reliability and professionalism of the business to the consumer.


2. Web design with impressive Buttons

A website is equipped with simple but fancy Buttons will quickly won the hearts of users and make them curious. Once the flat blocks as squares, circles, diamonds along the border and the letters inside but it makes the highlight of your website.


3. Using photo or video as backgrounds

A symbolic image replaces thousands of words. That is the motto that the professional designers in 2015. It aims to be a simple way to make an impression for your website. A wallpaper tells a story about the business, about the way in which businesses operate to attract customers than ever before.

4. scroll, instead click

Scroll is the way to make a quick and gives users different experiences. This new design is compatible with most devices, just simple, both visually and allow multiple content displayed before the user’s eyes.

5. Card design

You may have caught this design style in many applications such as Google Plus and Pinterest. And it will become one of the dominant trend this year. With the arrangement of the image, the items in the form of cards that can display content in a logical and orderly. Customers so scroll down to going into other content.


The styles on is expected to make up the push for Web Design in 2015. Be bold and application updates, you will achieve great efficiency in creating an impressive website with consumers and meet the challenges of new technologies.

Hope this article will help you, thanks!



Jenny Tran
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