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6 apps to boost the performance of your Android Phone


08 Aug 6 apps to boost the performance of your Android Phone

Often we have seen that android phone getting slow due to regular updates, data storage and memory usage. We are enlisting below the best 6 apps to boost the performance of your android phone.

  1. Clean Master: This is a fantastic app (has gotten 4.5 star in app store) which cleans your mobile extensively. It improves performance, it removes junk, and it keeps your data safe from harm. The Junk File Cleanerwill delete your cache and unused files. The App Manager detects and uninstalls unnecessary bloat ware. The CPU Boost and Memory Boost features are also very useful in boosting the performance of your phone. The Antivirus scans your mobile and deletes all vulnerabilities and malwares.


  1. Ccleaner: This is a multifunctional app that cleans up your stray files which are previously taking up your storage space. It’s pretty good as it cleans application cache, downloaded folders, browsing history, temporary files, as well as optionally cleaning your call history and SMS log selectively. This app also has built-in features like CPU RAM and storage meters, app manager, battery and temperature tools.


  1. Startup Manager: This app helps in disabling undesirable startup entries when your phone boots. It monitors and shows the list of start-up apps and resources, enabling you to uncheck all startup items which will result in speeding of your mobile.


  1. History Eraser: This free app can clean history of apps by only one tap. It can help your protect your privacy and also help you to free up the internal storage. This app can clear your text messages, call logs, Google maps search history, you tube search history, all app cache files, etc.


  1. DU Speed Booster: DU Apps Studio introduced the DU Speed Booster (cleaner app)claiming to boost up the speed of the device. It also cleans up storage space and frees memory. There are some striking features like accelerator, game booster, and trash cleaner, security features like antivirus, app manager, battery saver which wins the heart of users.


  1. Nova launcher: This is a highly customizable app and performance driven app which is built for modern Android versions. There are many wonderful features in this launcher. You can build a custom grid with scroll effects like infinite scroll, a scrollable dock, a nice background with a new icon set. You can also set gestures such as such as pinching, swiping or two-finger swiping and do icon swipes. You can hide the icons which you never use. If you are an Android user then Nova launcher should definitely be in your mobile.


Amrit Anand
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