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7 Best WordPress RSS feed Plugins that you can have in 2015


17 Aug 7 Best WordPress RSS feed Plugins that you can have in 2015

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a major part for any blog and it needs to be used if you wish to help out yourself and your readers, both. A simple, elegant and proper functional RSS system can help your readers know and read all your latest posts (even without visiting your website) and in return you can hope for getting tons of traffic without any special tactic. There are two reasons to you now and hope you got it straight that you need to have RSS Feed running on your blog or website.

Here is the enlisting powerful and the best WordPress RSS feed plugins out there. Here to share their individual details with direct links from where you can check their demos (if available) and get they installed. Just to update your knowledge, WordPress platform itself is ready for feeds on its own. So you don’t need to code anything to include this much-needed functionality. Rather you need to offer a simple way, users can use to subscribe to feeds of your website.

Best WordPress RSS Feed plugins

The plugins listing down are for different functions so you need to choose according to needs at your website. Let us now start with the list straight.

  1. Super RSS reader: It’s a widget plugin that can help you display RSS feeds in a very elegant way to the website. It’s a jQuery based plugin with impressive design. It brings in elegance because of different color styles and simplicity. If you’re looking for a replacement for default WordPress RSS widget then consider using Super RSS Reader. It’s yet to be updated to be compatible with last two versions of WordPress platform but still its worth because of its functionality and extra light weight. You don’t need to pay anything for it and on top of all its available at official plugin store of WordPress.


  1. Blogrool widgets with RSS feeds: It’s another widget plugin (as the name says itself) but it not only displays feeds of a single blog rather every blog which you’re running either on the same niche or different. You are allowed to add your unique titles in the sidebar, show images, blogroll links, define image size, select item orders and even adjust numbers of posts to be displayed. On top of all the features being offered, the is that links can be added with ‘nofollow’ attribute pretty easily. Setting it up is done in no time and users are offered more control over the feeds being displayed in the sidebar or may be in the footer.


  1. RSS Image feed: If you share a lot of images on your blog and agree to the fact that images can grab user’s attention easily then start using this RSS Image Feed plugin. It is available for free and it simply creates a feed via images. It provides a simple control panel and the whole package is light weight. It is even compatible with the latest version of WordPress out there.It can help you adding a clickable image with excerpts. It picks up the first image from any post you wish to show the feed of rather than displaying every image which can affect the page load time, indeed. It’s developed by a well-known developer so no need to think too much of its credibility.


  1. Category Specific RSS feed Subscription: Again this plugin works as per its name. If you’re running a blog sharing information posts on different topics then this plugin can do wonders. It can help your readers to select a specific category and then they will be receiving feeds for that only rather than from the whole website. This is how you can help you readers by providing this utility option. The plugin is available for free and already made compatible with latest version of WordPress script. The reason it can do wonders is that maximum times your readers don’t want to read feeds from each and every category. This is simply because they don’t care for each and every topic you share. So using this plugin you’re offering them an option to filter out stories they received and thus help in maintaining and increasing user experience, which can indeed do wonder.


  1. RSS importer: It’s a very simple plugin that functions mainly to import posts from the feed and displays them on the WordPress website you’re running. It doesn’t provide any other tool or functionality. Additionally it’s lightweight and compatible with latest version of the script. Also, you don’t need to worry about the price tag as it’s free.


  1. RSS include pages: You must be aware of the fact that WordPress platform includes feeds by default. But there is one limitation over here. It supports only the Posts type excluding Pages you share on your WordPress driven blog. If you’re running a website where Pages covers vital information then you need to make them part of feeds, right? Here comes a lifesaving plugin named RSS Includes Pages. Use it and it can disable that default setting resulting pages to be included within the feeds.


  1. WP RSS aggregator: Another free plugin this time that can improve the RSS functionality by offering certain specific functionalities. It can allow users to select a date, time, post type, whether to include or exclude excerpts and number of posts to be part of feed being received at your end. All these things can be done easily via URL of any website or its feed.


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