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8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress 2

17 Nov 8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

Dropbox is one of the most popular free cloud storage provider. Using cloud storage to save your WordPress backups, media files, and other important documents is a great strategy. Your documents and files will remain safe no matter where you are and what device you are using. There are several WordPress plugins that allow you to integrate your WordPress site to your Dropbox account. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the 8 best Dropbox plugins for WordPress.

BackUpBuddy:  BackUpBuddy is one of the most popular and reliable WordPress site backup and restore plugin. It comes with the ability to automatically create backups on a given schedule and save them to any location you want including your Dropbox account. Once you have connected it to your Dropbox account, you don’t have to do it again and the plugin will keep storing your backups to Dropbox.

8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress 1

BackWPup: A good free alternative is BackWPup, which also creates complete backup of your WordPress site and can store it on your Dropbox account. You can schedule your backups based on how frequently you update your website. BackWPup will take care of storing them on your Dropbox cloud storage.

8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress 2

WordPress BackUp to Dropbox: Saving backups to cloud storage is really important for many WordPress users. This is why we have another neat plugin called WordPress Backup to Dropbox. It saves all your media and database to Dropbox storage. You can also schedule the plugin to automatically backup your site on predefined settings. There are also some premium addons available to extend functionality of the plugin.

8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress 3

Post Via DropBox: Post via Dropbox allows you to create WordPress posts by uploading text files to your Dropbox account. When you create and upload a text file, this plugin fetches it from your Dropbox account. By default it uses the text file’s name as the title, but you can also define your own titles, categories, tags, etc. It also supports Markdown formatting, so you can easily format your posts within the text file. This is great for text editors and note taking apps for mobile phones which allow you to save a text file to your Dropbox account.

Dropbox Photo Sideloader: Dropbox to Sideloader is a simple plugin which allows you to insert images from your Dropbox account using the WordPress media uploader. It appears into the sidebar of media uploader interface where you need to connect your Dropbox account by creating an app and using the app key and secret. This plugin is ideal for sharing personal photos and files from your Dropbox account on a WordPress site.

8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress 5

Simple Dropbox Uploader: Simple Dropbox Upload allows your users to upload files directly to your dropbox account. After installing the plugin, you will need to authorize it to access your Dropbox account. You can customize the upload form and show customized message after successful upload. You can display the upload form on any WordPress post or page with the [simple-wp-dropbox] shortcode.

8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress 6

Gravity Forms Dropbox Uploader: Gravity Forms is a popular WordPress contact form plugin. Gravity Forms Dropbox Uploader is a free add-on plugin which allows you to add uploads from Gravity Forms to your Dropbox account. First you need to authenticate the plugin by providing a Dropbox app key and secret. After that you can add add the Dropbox upload field into any form created with Gravity Forms.

 8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress 7

Simply Attached: As the name suggests, Simply Attached allows you to attach any files from your Dropbox account to your WordPress posts and pages. Users can download these attachments when visiting your posts. This is a great way to serve your attached files from cloud instead of your own web server.

8 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress 8

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