Future of Design "flat"
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Future of Design “flat”


24 Aug Future of Design “flat”

Future of Design “flat”

Whether extremely famous, but flat design is not an immediate trend. It is a mainstream approach to Web design and a practical necessity.

There is a balance between aesthetics and usability in flat design 2.0 (an upgrade concept design flat) prove that the fundamentals behind the philosophy exists a real strength.


But how it works? What makes it a fantasy? In this respect, we are touching the surface of the flat panel design and what makes it look marks. We will analyze the basic techniques and discover techniques will give everything to the future.

We’ve picked out five tools or techniques that close to the flat design principles – separate trends from the best trends.

1. The long shadows cast


Most appear above the UI elements smaller design nodes, long shadows are created with a tone makes the illustration becomes higher.

Shaders are often wide and tilt angle of about 45 degrees with sharp edges for easy recognition. The application makes long shadows design dimensional stars and stronger than most other flat elements.

2. bright palette


One of the interesting things coming from the flat design is the start of the color of energy, especially the bright and bold color. Designers love the fun than ever before.

Also, some designers even created a separate team sites to provide eye-catching color scheme that they love.

3. Use graphic art word simply


Flat design not only use simple fonts (eg Helvetica), it also uses different typeface but are easier to read, could be no foot-shirts and there are sharp.

What makes a great work of Typo plane as it helps the viewer to really focus on content reading experience.

4. The button “hiding out”


They are designed as if does not exist, of course, can still click. The button “hiding out” suggests the intuitive interaction but do not affect the other UI design.

Because of the “hidden” is often outline and certainly does not look like a common button, it makes wallpaper can create better concentration.

Button “hiding out” appearance in contrast to the colorful designs, and just ready to appear when there is interaction with the images and the supporting elements. The simple button often include graphs clearly fit flat design, the minimalist design.

5. Simplify


Design “flat” with the simple availability. Finally, the design is no longer meant to bring something in real life in pictures .

All remaining design itself is described by color, change color, shadow, shape and the most subtle elements. Pressed flat design to creative designers further by subtract instead of adding. The white space (space) was wider than ever in the flat design, bright design and help enhance the content.

More important tools and UI design elements require a global image, so users know that they need to do with the images there. Let’s see how that symbol hamburger (short horizontal stripes) used to open the menu – whether you like it or not, the simple definition that is a popular symbol that users will click to appear / hide menu.


Future designs will not die, it will become more advanced interactions with marvelous and beautiful movements matching site content. We know that the design featured content designed to revive the flat, and flat design is also perfect form for it to use.

Web design is and will follow the test tool on availability; all buttons, clicks needs a clear focus interface ensures users will act (interactive) website.

hope this article will help you, thanks!


Jenny Tran
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