How to avoid basic SEO errors?
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How to avoid basic SEO errors?


14 Aug How to avoid basic SEO errors?

How to avoid basic SEO errors?

In the process of designing and building web, rules and guidelines are constantly changing SEO. If not updating to new knowledge, use black hat SEO tips will make your website be relegated and banned by Google.

So to do this well, you need to know what should and should not do SEO while. Here are four important notes that you should refer to SEO success on the search engines.

1. Backlinks incorrect

Link Building is one of the most important factors in SEO strategies as this link shows the prestige and authority of a website. Not all links are created equal, with some links will help increase the prestige of the web, while others reduce it. Links to Web sites not suitable, bad web, many sites advertising or spam pages, naturally can not influence the ranking of the website.

To solve this problem, the webmaster should collect data through backlink tools like Open Site Explorer, MajesticSEO, or SEMRush. These sites will provide a list of all the backlinks on your website. From there you can see the unnatural links, unwanted links and proceed to remove them.


Though the link building fit and remove bad links will take a lot of time, but this is necessary if you want the web SEO success. Building a blog is also a great way to expand business networks, increase brand reputation and build appropriate and effective backlink.

2. Duplicate Content

Most webmasters, marketers are aware that posting duplicate content will be assessed by google, and negatively affect your rankings. But the question here is duplicate content accidentally. Situation is known only when the damage occurred.

Duplicate errors occur for many reasons including URL parameters, CMS templates and HTTPS sites. There are many tools used to detect this as Screaming Frog, Link Sleuth, and Moz Crawl, we checked all the options related to the collection of this information. Once duplicate content has been detected, the administrator must inform the search engines to not index these pages through the use Noindex, rel = nofollow or canonical tag.


3. Optimize image

Optimize image is an important, necessary in SEO. The title, tags and filenames card affect your SEO efforts. In fact, the search engines can not read images. So optimizing meta tags contain keywords and related phrases, may help search engines easily indexed for pictures.

– Alt Tags: text displayed when the image is not displayed due to slow internet connection or another problem. This card explains exactly what the image is about.

– Image Tags: These words are displayed when users move the cursor over the image, provide search engines more information about the image.

– File names: provide the description of what the image is related to the page or site.

With optimized image correctly, you will have the opportunity to increase search rankings than websites that do not focus on this important feature.

4. Content isn’t quality

Content too thin, not useful or they are written simply does not bring many benefits to our customers, while they do not contain many keyword rich Google will certainly not appreciated.

To succeed you need content-oriented writing style according to user psychology. Please write real articles and useful quality for your customers, through the use of new data, phrases, images, or tips. Also, you should avoid using the keywords in the article.

SEO algorithms are constantly changing, so to web promotion, administrators not only to keep up with these trends, the latest tips that needs a deep understanding of the potential danger. If you do not understand the dangers of this website you are facing the risk of relegation. So let’s become an administrator, marketers understand the SEO rules holistically and develop more effective SEO strategy.

hope this article will help you, thanks!


Jenny Tran
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