How to get URL in Magento
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How to get URL in Magento

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04 Aug How to get URL in Magento

How to get URL in Magento

Magento is an open source relatively complex and flexible, so even the seemingly simple job but if we have not heard or read about it, it is very difficult to be able to code it. get Url in Magento is one of the things we have to do regularly during code extension but few could grasp it from A-> Z.

Today I will teach you to use the basic functions of Magento to retrieve url easily.

1. Get base url

2. Get current url

3. Get module url

4. Get secure url

5. Get url in static block

– Get Base URL

–  Get Skin URL

– Get Media URL

– Get Store URL


 hope this article will help you, thanks!


Jenny Tran
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