How to integrate Mobile in web marketing strategy?
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How to integrate Mobile in web marketing strategy?


20 Aug How to integrate Mobile in web marketing strategy?

How to integrate Mobile in web marketing strategy?

For Marketing Strategies for successful web design and efficiency, you need to integrate this strategy on mobile devices. So how to perform this process? today  will introduce to you a few rules and basic tips to help achieve high efficiency from mobile devices.


1. Develop a Website friendly on Mobile 

– Research creating mobile screen resolution. Can use several tools or websites to display web pages easily on mobile devices.

– Check your page load time. Do not overload your website with lots of pictures and videos are not necessary

–  Patience with content. Let your visitors get the information they need quickly. Putting the important content near the top and the less important information located at the bottom of the page.

– Users can interact easily the [link], the button on the mobile website version with his finger. This means, the image on the web should be loud and clear.

– Add search bar at the top of the page or the navigation bar. Allows users to easily find the content they need on [website], without having to browse through pages.

2. Find a location

Mobile is the mobile device gives users the location, time and personal information in order to promote the growth of services, goods and ideas. So the first thing, you should ensure that your website has been optimized search for a place, this is an important part showing the presence of the website and the considerations in the overall web design.

Most local searches conducted on mobile before buying.

3. Create Campaign Email Mobile Friendly

Email in the digital age has become an important tool in marketing campaigns. The marketer will have trouble if they do not consider the email on mobile devices.

It is estimated that:

– 88% of users check their email on everyday mobile

– On average 65% of emails are opened on mobile devices

– 98% of the email can only be viewed on one device


In other words, if you do not use the email campaign Mobile Marketing your program will reduce efficiency.

What you can do is design email for Mobile – awareness ?

– Set the width to your email from 320 to 520 pixels

– Limit the idea email in a column

– Limit the number of images you use

–  It can be replaced with Responsive design methods, various emails displayed on different types of devices.

4. Building a Mobile Application

Mobile apps are extremely efficient while providing utilities and attract customers, and meet your business objectives.

Average consumers have about 10 apps and using close to 86% of the time for these applications, compared with only 14% of the mobile web. In addition, there are 1.2 billion users wordwide and this figure will rise to 4.4 billion by 2017.

Mobile applications can be used widely and is effective communication tool for the sales process.

Mobile Applications cover a wide variety, unlimited. Applications can use the longest time is the news app, followed by health, sports, tourism and lifestyle. The games are the applications have the least time, although they are the most widely used.

But remember that mobile applications are not successful by luck. You need to know how to do what customers want and have a clear strategy on how you will meet their needs.


5. Develop an SMS campaign

Campaign Text on Mobile is one of the strategic tools Mobile Marketing. Text messages known as SMS is the basis of the leading marketer with Mobile Marketing programs.

– Text messages have the greatest impact on any media yet, it works on all mobile devices on the market, through the network.

– Nearly 89% of users use SMS, and 97% of them will open a message within 4 minutes after the receipt.

– Response rates for marketing campaigns and messages of generally from 6 to 15%

Text messages are recorded when they are used correctly as a very effective tool and engaging.
6. Make use of QR codes

When a QR code is scanned, a smartphone can cause a number of effects and user experience, while providing dynamic data have implications for the Marketers. For example, when someone scanned the QR code printed on a material, such as leaflets or a magazine, it may take them to a web page, activate voice call, store contact information address book and more.


Future of  Marketing Mobile campaigns?

Today there are approximately 3.2 billion mobile users and 5 billion mobile subscribers. The future predictions that this figure will be even higher.

Marketing is growing rapidly. Therefore, the key to success is to continue to learn and experiment with the best mobile service customer requirements.

hope this article will help you, thanks!



Jenny Tran
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