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How to speed up your Windows PC


06 Aug How to speed up your Windows PC

Are you getting the maximum performance out of your PC? Is your pc taking time to boot up or run any software? Windows PC can slow with time and opening a heavy software can be difficult.

These little tips will help you speed up your Windows pc and help you maintain it for a longer period.

  1. Limit the number of programs which run at startup.

A lot of programs load automatically when you boot up your PC and it hampers the performance of your PC.

Press win+R and type msconfig. Click the startup tab and unclick to disable all the programs which are making your system slow or which you don’t want to use.



  1. Uninstall the programs which you don’t use

There are a lot of programs which you never use. Delete things like trial software, limited-edition versions, etc. which are of little importance.



  1. Run fewer applications at the same time.

Running many programs at the same time takes up system memory, which can have a huge impact on performance. In some cases, having multiple instances of a program can use up a lot of memory. Clear the programs and you’ll see a boost in the speed. Use some software like CCleaner to clean up unnecessary files.

  1. Clean your hard drive

You can perform disk cleanup or disk defragmentation to clean your hard drive and optimize it properly.

Click on the start button and type disk cleanup or disk defragmenter. Follow the required steps.




  1. Keep your PC up-to-date.

You can take help of Windows update to keep your pc updated. It’s a good thing to maintain your pc without latest updates. You can also install a good antivirus in your system so that it will remain clean.



Amrit Anand
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