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How to write a good technical blog


20 Aug How to write a good technical blog

As a technical writer, writing about topics related to technology and your experiences plays an important role. By writing about the subjects which will create interest in the public, you can build your reputation through your blog or website. You can get motivated and at the same time, you will get information about various topics.

Following are a few things which will help you decide how to write a good technical blog.

  1. Get Motivated

If blogging is your hobby then you can choose to write diverse topics. But if you are writing to gain a reputation as a technical blog writer, you have to provide more information about the topics you choose than most of the technical bloggers. If you want a steady income, then it is better for you to join a good affiliate program.

  1. Do research

First get a clear picture of your target audience. Focus on one single message you want to convey, so plan your topics ahead. You should have your content ready before at least one month so that you can maintain a consistent number of posts while doing research and writing more content simultaneously. Put the focus keywords wisely so that different search engines will find it easily. Follow technical news, magazines, technology channels, tech reviews of the products and various tech websites and keep yourself updated. Once your blog is running, you can take suggestions of the readers and make more improvements.

  1. Write your posts in such a way that it engages people

You should pay special attention to your article structure. The basics is to start your post by focusing on the problem, then write about what you want to accomplish, and finally provide the solution. You should carefully choose a striking article title followed by an appropriate introduction and then the content. It is better if you add subheadings and bullet points for better understanding for the readers. Elucidate jargons and other technical words and expressions. You can give examples and provide external links. Your writing style should be clear and consistent as though a layman should also understand. Your post should be error free and you should share all the popular social links after wrapping up the post.

These are the few tips which will help you in writing a good technical blog.

Amrit Anand
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