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Latest iOS App templates in 2016

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 4

21 Mar Latest iOS App templates in 2016

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 helps you to develop your own iOS app with Predefined functionalities and gives your iOS app better look by using these Predefined templates developer and design the iOS easily and efficiently.


Quootes is an app template for you to create your own mobile iOS app to store and showcase quotes all over the world. User will be able to share the quotes and their authors names on social networks, Mail and SMS. get a random quote form the Home screen and read the Wikipedia’s page of the quote’s author.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 1

2. Bee Jump:

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 2

3. Follow the flight:

Follow The Flight is an exciting, fun, addictive and an endless arcade game that challenges your mind and reflex. You simply swipe left and right to maintain the flight path while avoiding obstacles. Lots of new and unique puzzles added in the game.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 4


Game based on SpriteKit, and write on Swift 2.1. Game include ads: Google AdMob, Chartboost, iAd. Game have store with skins. Easy to reskin and edit. Have share function and rate us button. Include gamecenter. Have sounds and background music.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 5

5. Photo Scratch App: 

Its really awesome App for Photo Lovers who want to represent their photo in better way with Negative Scratch style and Effects. Photo Scratch App give you full dynamic move as per your choice just put your finger on photo and move that part will become negative also it can be easily real time apply to any photo from gallery as well capture from camera.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 6

6. Beetle Smasher: 

Beetle Smasher is a timekiller game with infinitive number of levels. The player’s task is to kill beetles tapping on them. Beetles are moving to the bottom of the screen and if one of them eats a piece of cake, the player loses 1 life. Bees make the game harder, player loose when tap them.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 7

7. Dually: 

Dually is a game template where you have to quickly switch 2 colors by tapping the big buttons on the left and right side of the screen in order to match the arrows the fall down and come up.
This game has Game Center Leaderboard for Best Score and you can share it on the social networks installed on your device, Mail and SMS. Dually is easy to customize, well commented code, native XCode project, UIKit framework (NO Cocos 2d), Swift language, Universal app.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 8


The premise of Chapters is simple. You are an object of light that explodes if you collide with darkness. If it were only that easy… Navigate around dangerous objects and obstacles in this epic game.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 9

9. iOS HD Wallpaper:

“iOS HD Wallpaper” is most same features of our Android HDWallpaper application. It’s cool new app that brings all the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your iOS devices.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 10

10. Color Switch 3D: 

Color Switch 3D is a Cloned Version of a Very Famous Fortafy Color Switch game made with Buildbox. This game is not endless but You can Align the Scenes and Create more Levels if you like. Even the original Color Switch is not endless game. tried to keep that kind of gameplay in it. You can easily Re-Skin this template and change its graphics.

Latest iOS App templates in 2016 11

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