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Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 10

18 Mar Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 helps you to build the WordPress E-Commerence sites better and  also with different plugins you can make a website with new features and make your sales better for your E-commerence Website.

1. WooCommerce Instagram Shop: 

It allows to turn your instagram into a shop and connect it to your WooCommerce website products, creating Instagram Shoppable Feed.

You may have seen similar services like or – and by all means those are great services with tons of extra functionality, however they are quite expensive for a small business owner or a blogger who earns from affiliate links. That’s why we created this WooCommerce Instagram Shop which doesn’t have any recurring fees and adds extra convenience for you/your instagram visitors & subscribers to be able to purchase your instagram’ed products.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 1

2. Jigoshop: 

This is the real store migrator, take your active Jigoshop store with existing sales, coupons and reporting and migrate to WooCommerce.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 2

3. WooCommerce PDF Catalog Plugin:

wonderful WooCommerce Shop and you want to show it to your offline customers? Then this plugin will fulfill your needs: Create a PDF Catalog from your whole Shop or just from a product category. Directly inside your shop, customizable as you want and simply beautiful! No need of HTML or CSS, create everything inside the admin panel!

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 3

4. Wdoo WooCommissionJunction:

This fantastic plugin imports products from Commission Junction merchants (you sign up to as an affiliate) via thier API or XML Files into WooCommerce..a perfect marriage! The documentation provided with WooCommissionJunction will easily show you how to import products.

Wdoo WooCommissionJunction plugin can be used with any wordpress theme and intergrates seamlessly with any woocommerce wordpress theme.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 4

5. Walmart WooCommerce importer:

It is a plugin that used to import products from Walmart to your WordPress WooCommerce site. The plugin is helpful to create a store with specific products and use affiliate URLs.

You can easily import products from Walmart. Once uploading process is completed, uploaded items will appear as products in WooCoommere table.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 5

6. Amazon WooCommerce importer:

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 6

7. WooCommerce Checkout Newsletter: 

WooCommerce customer information with your Campaign Monitor account then this is the perfect plugin for you! With this plugin you can synchronise your customer checkout data with Campaign Monitor seamlessly.

Install the plugin within seconds and you will have the power to select which WooCommerce customer fields you wish to save the data from in Campaign Monitor. With this data you can then create targeted emails to send out to your database using Campaign Monitor.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 7

8. Super scroolbar WordPress Plugin:

Highly customizable super scrollbar plugin. Features include vertical scrollbar(s), adjustable scrolling momentum, mouse-wheel, keyboard and touch support, ready-to-use themes, option parameters for full control of scrollbar functionality. User-defined options and more.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 8

9. WP Presentation by senior:

WP Presentation by Season is an extension which focuses the users’ attention on the posts or the Woocommerce products,related to the current season always displaying them on top. It helps users group posts and products by seasons. It is fully compatible with Woocommerce.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 9

10. WooCommerce SMS Customer notifications:

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 10

11. Woocommerce Next order Offer:

Next Order offer for WooCommerce enables shop owners to attract n’th order purchases from their customers after give percentage or fixed order discount.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 11

12. Woo Price Notification:

Every WooCommerce site, online store or online market place require an effective price notification tool to regularly update customers on changing prices of their products. Here, Woo Price Notification Plugin proves to be of great help. This plugin fully integrates into any WordPress site and automatically sends notification when the price of the product falls down. You can do multiple things with this plugin. You can set subscriber form, mail types, number of notifications, position of forms as per your needs while enjoying few other stunning features that lend a wonderful WooCommerce experience to every visitor.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 12

13. WooCommerence give and take :

WooCommerce Give and Take allows users to get discount based on the rating they gave to your products. It will help you to increase Product Ratings and will increase sales too. Popup with custom settings and contents is also included. Email Templates Customizer is also included in settings.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 13

14. Maven multi Vendor: 

Muven Multi Vendor is a WooCommerce Plugin which can make your WooCommerce Site into a Multi Vendor Site. Using this plugin you can allow other Sellers to sell products in your site. The buyers can choose which Seller to buy the Product from, as Muven Multi Vendor supports selling of the same product by Multiple Vendors. Vendors can create the Products, Manage stock and Price using their Backend dashboard. Muven Multi Vendor Plugin works for All Default Product Types of WooCommerce and is Translation Ready.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 14

15. WooCommerce Secret Options:

WooCommerce Secret Options is a WordPress Plugin that provides many features which not available in WooCommerce.

Latest WooCommerence Plugins in 2016 15

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