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Layout – Learn about design layout in Magento


06 Jul Layout – Learn about design layout in Magento

– Layout in magento is defined file.xml in the directory /frontend/…/layout/
– Layout in Magento is a combination of the default layout and layout updates
– Each module in Magento also, 1 separate Layout.xml file, this file contained within each handle different cards, including handle will always be load
Default layout: includes page.xml and local.xml
– Page.xml: contains a block root that all pages must load were:

page / html: also known as the block root , other blocks are children in this block.
Inside this Block root contains the block structure:
– Block structure (block structure) will contain the inner block, the block is also came through name = “” as = “” from elsewhere ( layout update for block) , the contents of the block shown in the block file , phtml corresponding block that:
– If 1 Block father declare in the file layout, along with the declaration of the Blocks children within the block that his father, the file template specified contents of Block .phtml of block father would call the child block is declare by function:getChildHtml(‘child_block_name’) ?>
Here are some Structure Block and their roles:

=>contain files CSS and JS

=>The block children in core / text_list will naturally load without call getChildHTML (‘block_name’);

Jenny Tran
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