Top 10 new logo trends design in the 2015
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Top 10 new logo trends design in the 2015


28 Oct Top 10 new logo trends design in the 2015

Top 10 new logo trends design in the 2015

Today will share to you the “Top 10 new logo design trends in the 2015” very necessary for you to track trends change over the years.

When building the image of a company, one of the most important components is to have a logo design should be. A suitable design trends will play an important role in creating an impressive and demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the business core.

The latest technology has been applied in the field of art and design, helping people to create products with the best quality in a more convenient way.

The design experts have pointed out the logo design trends for the coming year as forecast-oriented for the design. And in this article, we will bring you 10 logo design trends are expected to be used a lot in 2015.

1. Trends Low Polygon

grey thiet-ke-logo-da-giac-2


2014, Low polygon is used mostly in the background and wallpaper. This technology basically generated from the 3D software, such nhuC4D, Maya & 3D studio Max.

This is considered a form of logo design as well as design icons common.

2 Negative space 


grey (1)

Sometimes in logo design, we adorn it with elements picky, but not only did not make it better, but also makes the design becomes cumbersome. Therefore, you only need to add the simple elements that make sense to have your logo to shine. Using Negative space make your logo simple but beautiful at the same time.

3. Technology overlapping


A new technology is being introduced, whereby the two elements are overlapping, with shading, to create a unique design integration

4. Use Shape



Tool brushes are used to create the designs below. This trend is also used in the design icon shirt. now, Apple has used this design to the product of their latest iOS.

5. Design soft 

thiet-ke-logo-mem-mai-1 thiet-ke-logo-mem-mai-2 thiet-ke-logo-mem-mai-3

Basically it is a logo form with handwritten fonts are used to express the idea of a company or organization.

6. Use material 3D

thiet-ke-logo-kim-loai-1 thiet-ke-logo-kim-loai-2 thiet-ke-logo-kim-loai-3

This technology brings a strong vision and virile for your logo, they look quite similar to the logo used on the cars.

7. Use Handwriting & Calligraphy

thiet-ke-logo-typography-1 thiet-ke-logo-typography-2

Handwriting and calligraphy experts design logo used primarily for companies specializing in bunch formation, hotels, cafes and restaurants to bring professional look and appeal.

8. Technical Simulation woodcarving

thiet-ke-logo-khac-go-1 thiet-ke-logo-khac-go-2


This technology is used to bring insight and richer for the logo.

9. Switch color

thiet-ke-logo-mau-sac-dai-mau-1 thiet-ke-logo-mau-sac-dai-mau-3 thiet-ke-logo-mau-sac-dai-mau-21


The slope (gradient) colors and mesh was used to create this logo. This technology is often used in web designing companies or applications.

10 The drawing florid classical

thiet-ke-logo-vintage-1 thiet-ke-logo-vintage-2 thiet-ke-logo-vintage-3

The logo is often used by companies that wedding, photographers, furniture company … It brings a look of art for decorative design.

hope this article will help you, thanks!


Jenny Tran
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