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Trending PHP Scripts in 2016

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 11

29 Mar Trending PHP Scripts in 2016

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 will helps to creates a functionalities to your website with the help of PHP language and it gives you a better functionalities then any other Scripts.

1. Money Exchange Script 2.0: 

Money Exchange 2 can diversify your business by earning money without costing you anything. You just need to make certain exchanges as orders from your customers. You can easily control the currency and exchange rate with just a touch of facilities to use admin panel. Note that this script does not use API to any website to exchange money. This is a standalone system that is well protected you need to make exchanges.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 1

2. PHP Social Stream:

PHP Social Stream is the best choice for those who are looking for an easy way to combine all of their social networking activities into one single social stream and display on their website.
With this plugin you can create a social media stream including all of your social network accounts with multiple social network profiles, and can display them in 6 different formats.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 3

3. CMS pro:

CMS Pro is the most intuitive CMS (Content Management System) that a web agency can implement for their customers. It’s perfect for small business websites and is really easy to use and to implement.
The value of CMS Pro! is in its intuitiveness. With CMS Pro!, content management becomes as easy as desktop publishing .

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 3

4. Ninja Media Script:

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 4

5. PHP Live Support Chat:

Works with any website – static, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart (any website with PHP & MySQL back-end)!

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 5

6. Creative Management System:

With Creative Management System (CMS) you can create multiple templates effortlessly designed and styled the way you want, using the template and code elements section of your site. In addition you can create your individual website with unlimited pages, site backups, menu designer and translate languages.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 6

7. Booster traffic Exchange System:

Booster is a Traffic Exchange System allows users to earn points by visiting other websites automatically , And users can also earn points by sharing links on facebook and twitter

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 7

8. Call my cab:

Call my cab presents awesome online software for taxi cab booking system. Built on PHP with Codeignator Framework. Its customer friendly website built for fast, efficient, effective, responsive way to access all the cab facilities on your finger tips. It has all the details, information of the cab, the cab driver and the owner of the cab so the customers feel secure in their travel and they can track the vehicle and driver easily with the help of the software.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 8

9. User Task: 

UserTask is a PHP script that makes user management easy. It comes with an interactive Admin panel where the administrator has full control over his users. It is easy to install as it is shipped with an installer.Through the application the user can login, register, reset/change his password and much more.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 9

10. Advertising Marketplace:

Advertising marketplace enables publisher of the website to publish the space on the website for the advertisement. and Advertiser analyze the website ranking, impressions and decides the best site for putting advertisement.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 10

11. Vanguard:

Vanguard is PHP application, written in Laravel PHP framework (version 5.2), that allows website owners to quickly add and enable authentication, authorisation and user management to their website. It is designed following latest security and code standards and it is ready for high availability websites. Although it is written in Laravel, it can be used to provide secure login, authentication, authorization and complete user management for any PHP powered website.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 11

12. Youtubify: 

Youtubify allows you to create your own music streaming website in minutes with no coding knowledge. It has an impressive feature set that rivals and even surpasses other biggest streaming services on the market.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 12

13. Sendroid: 

Sendroid is a powerful 2-Way SMS & MMS Messaging Script for SMS Marketers, Bulk SMS resellers and Bulk SMS Portals. Sendroid provides complete Customers/Resellers Management tools, Bulk SMS, Unicode & MMS Messaging tools, 2-Way SMS messaging tools, Phonebook & Contacts Management tools, Billing & Invoicing tools, Customer Support tools, Portal Accounting, SMS Routing Tools, SMS Marketing tools and much more.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 13

14. Advanced Email Scraper:

Advanced Email Scraper is most powerful web based tool to extract emails by various techniques like website crawl, URL crawl, search in Google/Bing, search in txt file. Not only that by this tools can check email validation (pattern, MX record) , search for whois data, filter your email list by removing duplicate emails, check web page status .It is designed carefully so that you can install & use it very easily.

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 14

15. T-shirt eCommerce: 

Trending PHP Scripts in 2016 15

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